An idiots Guide to Surviving the End of time

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We are probably not about to witness the end of the world. While there is a plague creeping around the globe at a rather fast rate, its not likely to kill us all of, as it is not as dangerous as the media says it is. However, if it does come to that, you want to be prepared.

ARE YOU PREPARED? probably not.


Step 1. Aquire an AT4 rocket Launcher

While you may not agree with this step, an AT4 rocket launcher will easily kill any prey, and cook it in the process. I guarantee you you will not want to carry around a stove when the cow poop hits the fan.

Step 2. Turn your refrigerator into a Crypto Mining Rig

*no explanation necessary*

Step 3. Aquire an Lamborgini Huracon

In the apocalypse movies, there always out of food, water or something. But the one thing they always have is a fast car. You should definitely make the same mistake.

Step 4. Get a pet Cat

We all need food.

Step 5. Go to the Gym

When the zombies rip your shirt off, you wanna be looking your best. You find love in the most unexpected places, remember.

(if you want more steps on how to survive the end, support me)

(if you support me 10 years blessings upon your children)


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2 weeks ago
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