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3 years ago


We survived the scorched afternoon,

Sunlight does not come to our house.

But the life is burnt to ashes in the flames of fire.

Our ahazari became heavy and echoed in the air.

We do not meet with blue clouds

Never talk to the stars.

Rather, our sky is covered with strange black clouds,

Our eyes never open,

The mouth never speaks,

The tongues are twisted like snakes

We have poison in our breath,

He poured poison on the fruit tree and killed it.

Our hands are thorny,

The summoned soul dies in this thorn

Our thoughts are buried under the curse of a thousand years.

The level of rust comes to mind.

Our values ​​are hidden under the bed

Occasionally scares with a peek.

The truthful never show shame in the crowd of lies,

Our arrival tells us to listen to the song - the melody of sadness starts playing on the cassette.

Our children don't wake up,

Our young people do not see with their eyes.

Our white color loses to black

Our eyes want to swallow.

We all have nothing

There is no escape,

We have no place to hide

Our deaths are horrible,

Our births are horrible.

We have nothing good,

We are all ruined and terrible.

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Hello there. Hope you are fine. Song is nice, but sad. Anyway, I like it :D

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3 years ago

Thank you so much for reading.

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3 years ago