"Stroke" Why is there usually more happen in the bathroom?

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Strokes are more common in the bathroom. Because when we go into the bathroom and take a bath, we first wet the head and hair which should not be done at all. This is a wrong method. Thus, if water is given to the head on May 1, the blood quickly rises to the head and the capillaries and arteries may rupture together. The result is a stroke.

A report published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Canada states that the type of risk that is thought to be caused by a stroke or mini-stroke is actually chronic and more frightening.

A multiple research report :-

According to multiple research reports from around the world, the number of deaths due to stroke or paralysis while taking a bath is increasing day by day. According to the doctors, bathing should be done according to the rules.

If you don't take a bath properly, you may die. The head and hair should not be wet first while bathing. This is because the blood flow in the human body is at a certain temperature. There is no time for the body temperature to adapt to the outside temperature. According to the doctors, if water is given to the head first, the speed of blood flow increases many times. This can increase the risk of heart disease.

Rules for proper bathing: -

First the feet should be wet. Then gently wet the top up to the shoulders. Then give water in the mouth. Water should be given to the head at the end of all.

This procedure should be followed by those who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and migraine.

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