Rural Love

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3 years ago

I was only 18 then

I met him at the village fair

Her name was Snigdha

Didha did not extend the hand of friendship

The wheel of time rolled fast

Over time, the friendship deepened

It seemed to talk to him

As if my bad qualities were getting better

He did not hit, did not gossip

But he did not speak in anger

He may not have understood

I don't like not saying that with him

He was naturally calm and good at studying

I am fortunate that he became my friend and came into my life

Eventually days, weeks n months pass by

Our friendship takes the form of love

But one day,

I came to Dhaka to study

Despite hundreds of wishes, I could not meet him

I know he suffered a lot, he wanted to talk to me

But he could not tell me because of his repressed nature

I hugged him one last time before he came

Maybe for the first time I cried myself

After finishing my studies, I finally returned to the village

Four years passed one by one

Seeing me, there was a commotion in the village

7 days went by one by one

Yet he never came to our house

I knew he was in trouble for not telling me

He is angry with me

So I decided to go myself

I will go and surprise you

But I didn't know I would lose him like that

I found out that he did not agree to the marriage

Seeing no way, he decided to commit suicide

He took poison and left me

I thought he was told that day maybe he would stay with me today

Her departure still bothers me

I still close my eyes and see him.

Thank you for reading.

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3 years ago