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Poetry : Change

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1 year ago

I am stuck at the corner of ten-nineteen.

I am looking at the world a new,

I know! I want to say some things,

I want to stop some changes,

I wake up, I am afraid, I know what happens!

We're teenagers, naughty,

Flying in the wind,

Running at the speed of light,

I am learning that from Aadhaar today.

I don't think victory or defeat,

I'm not doing destruction and decay,

Forget all the differences,

I am erasing all the divisions of the society.

The soldiers that we are in the new world,

Fearless in protesting injustice and falsehood,

I sang the unity song so loudly,

I am betting my life for the country.

Hearing the name of relief, the poor father runs away,

There are starving children sitting on the side of the road,

How many people are dying in the filth of despair!

We are surrounded by only black hands,

Teaching fashion for one's own benefit,

All around is the praise of the rich

And newspapers are printing their news.

The country is changing!

Advanced Thank you for reading my poem.

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Wow great

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1 year ago

Change is the demand of time. For live properly we all have to change day by day. Actually who does not change cannot accept the new things in society.

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1 year ago