"Ordinary girl"

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3 years ago

I was born in a small poor family in Tangail

Dad affectionately named Sneha

My mother died when I was young and my father was a blacksmith


I am the daughter of a blacksmith's house in Tangail

Although the dreams were small, they were quite expensive

I wanted to be a doctor

I used to treat everyone for a small amount of money

I was good at studying respectively

Life was spent happily

But in the case of one day

The rest of my life was spent in tears

I was 14 years old then

The animal seemed to enjoy my body

This continued day after day

Suddenly I started to touch my dignity

And I could not handle myself that day

I slapped them in anger that day

Slapping hurt their ego


The day was Friday

The sky became black and dark in the rain

That's when the beast came to the fore

The surrounding environment was pitch black

He took me to a secluded area

I was brutally tortured for 1 hour

That day still haunts me when I close my eyes

Slaps, kicks were nothing left out

He did not even give a glass of water

I tried to escape but could not escape

I am a victim of brutal rape

Throw me away by the river

No one came to me once

Even the cops were helpless

Coz the rapist were rich brats

Their money set them free

And I became guilty

Someone will be my fault

Their idea is what the girls will study

Someone blamed my clothes again

But no one once said anything about boys

Because maybe they were the sons of a rich father

My question to society

Girls are wrong everywhere?

It is written in any law of the constitution

That day they brutally murdered my dream

Even after all this time, the constitution of the country could not kill them

I was left alone. None came for my aid

Collected story of Sneha

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3 years ago


Rape is heinous crime. It should be handled with strong punishment... sufficient laws should be made to prevent it immediately...

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3 years ago