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Desire to live

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2 years ago

(Desire to live )

Catch me,

If you can catch me.

Keep me,

In the Deepest side of you

Inside of your heart

Far from the Dark-nightmare

Hold me in a Safe-space .

Don't wanna,

Lost in my dream

Live in a Castle-cage

Believe in Sharp-lies

Stay in so-called decent society.

Where afraid,

To Walk-alone ; To laugh

To wear ;To think

To love ; To breathe!!

Ohh Dear

Catch me , if you can catch me

Took me,

In a Fairy-tale ,

In a Dreamy-land .


No barriers could tie my feet

No Bitter-words could cut my wings

Where my soul Feel-free to breath.

Catch me dear , Catch me

Preserve me in the safest place of Dream .

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