5 Health Problems Often Experienced by Newborns

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The birth of a baby into the world is a special happiness for every parent as well as their extended family. With his birth, parents are important to take very good care of him. At a very young age, he is prone to various problems including health problems. The baby's physical imperfection is not perfect enough, making him vulnerable to these various problems.

Quoting from the parents.com page, the baby's immune system is still very weak. This is what makes it very susceptible to various health problems. Anything? Check out the following.

Jaundice or Icterus

After being born into the world, the baby's body will release bile pigments which make the body prone to yellowing. Usually, this discoloration or what is called jaundice will take place on days 4-5 after he is born until day 9-10. However, premature babies may experience yellow body problems for a longer time. Generally, this condition is normal and not dangerous for the baby's health. But if the yellowing of the body is accompanied by other symptoms, immediately consult this with your doctor or midwife.

Nasal congestion

This is also a health problem that is often experienced by newborns. Nasal congestion can be caused by a variety of things, from babies inhaling amniotic fluid while in the womb, exposure to cigarette smoke, exposure to dust and an unclean environment. The habit of parents who turn on the fan too often with large volume also increases the risk of nasal congestion in newborns. Nasal congestion often causes other health problems in the form of ARI (Respiratory Tract Infection).

Weight loss

4-5 days after birth, babies are prone to weight loss. This is because he is still adjusting to his new environment. With more regular and stable consumption of breast milk over time, it will slowly increase the baby's weight.


Moms who have had babies are certainly no strangers to this one health problem. Almost all babies have hiccups at a very early age. Hiccups are basically not only in babies but also adults. You don't need to worry if you find your baby hiccups. It will heal on its own.


Fever occurs because the child's body is fighting a virus or bacteria. Fever indicates that the child's immune system is working properly. Fever can heal by itself after a few days. Usually, fever in newborns occurs after contact with sick people or after they have been immunized.

Those are some health problems that often occur in newborns. When Mom finds that her baby is having health problems, don't immediately panic or worry too much. Stay calm and do the best handling. Immediately consult this matter with a doctor or midwife expert. I hope this information is helpful.

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