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Worry no more, until it lasts

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5 months ago

An impromptu monologue is flying in my mind
The seas are now turbulent, in silence can't decide
Peacefulness isn't now a choice as we will die tomorrow
I remember the days that are worst and full of sorrow

My eyes are troubling watery like the gloomy skies
Heart is so sad that my tears isn't yet disguised
Shadows fall, then I hope I will truly succeed
As I sail the turbulent waters, I will be freed

Worry no more, until it lasts
Memories are now on the past
The pessimistic mind of the sailor guided by the stars
Became so bright that it told us who we are

We are one mind, body and soul
The captain that is now whole
Seeing the sunset happening on the great seas
I know tonight is another trouble to face not with glee

Tomorrow will be a great day just stay calm
The sunrise will come and rescue you from the dark
An Island will be seen, you will be happy
We will go home and we will be there to find our glory

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It is not my kind of poetry. My main problem with it is I can not discover a certain style or way of writing in it. It feels chaotic to me and more like some thoughts, chaotic one's.

Perhaps @heartbeat1515 feels what I cannot feel or understands more?

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5 months ago