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My Theory about the Universe

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3 months ago

I was dark, lonely, nothing to be seen, felt and to be heard. A loud expansion of quick space suddenly appeared. It was bright, hot and uniform in all sides.

Theories are this is the positive energy of the universe simultaneously generated together with negative energy. It is an equal amount, if this universe is +1 energy, then there could be an identical universe with -1 energy. If we would add +1 and -1 it would be zero, which means nothing.

This possibly one of the most profound discovery. This is possible that this universe has a pair, but an opposite one which has an opposite energy. Pretty much like virtual particles that simultaneously exist and annihilate with each other. Maybe we are a very large universe that in the phase of annihilation but with a slower time frame by means of trillions upon trillions of years.

It is fascinating to think how this universe came to be. As we all think intuitively that the appearance of the universe is caused by something, but when you think of the universe as a set of laws, this universe is just a set which is a part of another larger and grandeur set. In which by the set of laws outside the universe is different from the inside of our universe.

This could mean outside of our universe, it is possible that we are simultaneously generated infinitely times and gets annihilated many times. Either way, we wouldn't know. It is equally scary and wonderful.

What do you think about my opinion? Comment down below <3

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