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Essays about the Economy

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A. I disagree

Because they only solve the economic problems of the rich, but not the poor. When you compare the economies of the upper class, it has a very huge gap, which is unacceptable. Even if the overall economy is growing, normal people in the slums can’t feel the effect.


B. I disagree

Because there is no perfect in this world, human’s primitive nature doesn’t allow us to do that. We are still the same species of humans that existed thousands of years ago, which means even if were advanced, our biological thinking and processes are still the same as our primitive ancestors. But, if these economic principles and theorems are applied, we can reduce the shortage of goods we experienced in the country.


C. I agree

Economy should be improved together with its citizens, not only for the rich and privileged. Proper planning should be the interest for the general good rather than for self interest.

Page 8 - Let me apply it

1. Planting root crops is a much viable and more profitable in Mang Jose’s situation because Valentines Day happens only once a year, but root crops are in demand anytime and anywhere.

2. The business suitable for Danie is something related to food. Some people live in the slums need to buy food because they are so poor that they can’t afford even buying a kilo of meat. In Danie’s business, it should be affordable for their neighbors and also delicious to make them feel that they too can have the pleasure of eating delicious foods.


Page 8 - Guide Questions

1. It is difficult to answer because there are many factors to be considered in making decisions.

2. Yes, I have. I planned to have a satirical news publishing website that will be available online.

3. Writing more interesting news articles to the point where they will laugh and at the same time, to make them think.

4. Yes, satire is an indication of a democracy that is dead and a rotten soul that needs to be revived. By the way, that’s a satirical expression if you don’t mind.

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Written by   48
4 months ago
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