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Answers in my Philosophy Module 1

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4 months ago

I am really fond of answering Philosophical questions because I need to ponder my own thoughts feelings and emotions.

1. His point of view is generalizing all drug addicts. Not all drug addicts must be treated this way because they are just lost, finding something to escape the world from.

2. I agree, drug addicts are people too, they have rights, but sometimes they escape their responsibilities. We must help them to regain their life.

3. This is outrageously immoral, no matter how worse the person is, you must care for them. They too are humans, can do mistakes.

4. Yes, lives are sacred. Because this is the only life we’ve got. Helping drug addicts recover can save their life and others.

5. I know this is hard but, you must made your son feel that they are loved because he is using drugs just to replace something he need like, love, relationships, social interaction and purpose in life.

Page 7 - Let’s think deep


Buddha is one my inspiration in life because he always wants to pursue the truth. The quote is about the truth, see the false as false. When I think about it, I realize that the truth will remain as true, the false is false. The reality that you are in, in your mind right now must adjust to the truth on the outside world, not your religious beliefs, politics and other biases and claims.


1. The things I consider real are myself. I don’t even know if all are you, my family, friends, or even this world are real. But I assume it is, even if I have no proof.

2. Yes, it was very disappointing. I even had a cognitive dissonance where I believe two opposite things at the same time, which is insane and illogical.

Page 10 - B


I think we should gather more information because we can’t just trust a single claim from a single person.


Well, we must investigate the situations, testimonies and some witnesses. In order to squeeze the truth.

Process questions:

1. We must react slowly because quick reactions may lead to improper decisions. We must inform ourselves with facts.

2. You can’t know everything in just a single conversation. We must base our reaction on good judgement.

Page 11 - Let me apply it

Bloated claims about random unrelated benefits like improved memory, blood pressure, stoke, we should be skeptical when being presented by these kinds or ‘random’ benefits. It may contain bogus claim that might lead to dangerous consequences.

Improved blood flow doesn’t actually mean treating various brain diseases, especially a behavioral drug addiction. As what I’ve said, bloated claims should be treated with skepticism.

More research is needed in order to find evidences to its therapeutic claims like a medical journals or official research being conducted by unbiased researchers. We can also search the internet, but we must take a look which are true and which are false.

 Page 12 - Let’s Ponder

Life is more like a mere pattern which it doesn’t repeat. After all, the more we know, the more we don’t know. We can’t possibly understood life, because if we understood it today it will change and became the past. New changes emerge as we go forward in this time, which never comes back. So live, just live in this life even if it is full of suffering and neglect, but when you’re happy, these days will be the best days of your life.

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Written by   48
4 months ago
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