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Senators slam Duterte’s ‘defeatist’ stance vs China

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2 years ago

MANILA, Philippines — Senators, including administration allies, on Tuesday blasted President Rodrigo Duterte’s “defeatist” position when he said he was “inutile” in defending the country’s territory against Chinese intrusion, warning that his remarks would only embolden China to further “bully” the Philippines. “We are not inutile as a country,” Sen. Panfilo Lacson, chair of the Senate defense committee, said in reaction to the President’s remarks in his address to a joint session of Congress on Monday. “We belong to the community of nations and we are all bound by the rule of law that is internationally recognized. There lies our strength,” Lacson told the Inquirer.

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Well thats what bad about our current president. He favor somehow this "China Country". Although we may not know what his purpose for that. Power maybe. I see China to be one of the most powerful Country. Building relationships in bad/good way to everyone. Hopefully he won't.

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2 years ago