#2.Driving test, about to be a licence holder!

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Hello guys welcome to my space to spend your precious time. It's Ninem welcoming you to my article. Not a professional writer but a story teller who tells you the personal experiences of life events that actually exist.

I am writing this article after a month. I have already given the test for driving and I have successfully passed the exam. but what happened when I wasn't a licence holder? let me explain what actually happens when you have no licence for driving in our country.

Police charges on you!

when you are riding a vehicle like bike or something like that you will need to have a licence both for bike and you, the registration papers and the licence is a must otherwise you will pay for it. Though I have never been through this situation but my brother faced already, he was charged about $30 for not wearing a helmet. He was been forgiven for not having a driving licences of him then. So it's important to have a licences to save money and time.

Applied for a learner certificate.

to apply for a learner certificate I need a copy of my academic certificates, national ID card and also a copy of my photograph and the application fee was about $5. When I have completed the application successfully, I have given up period of three months to learn how to ride properly. I have already learnt how to drive so I didn't have to learn it again but this period helped me to improve my skills of driving . so I was waiting for the actual date of exam. It was tge date 29th August. Btw 8th August was my birthday 😁

Exam date appeared atlast!

Before the day of exam I had met with three people who are also going to attend the exam. So we deicided to go together there. In the morning, we three people with son of one of them went to the exam hall.

the exam was basically separated with three sections.

  • Writing

  • Viva

  • Field test

First of all we attended the writing part, it was 20 marks exam and I have answered 19 marks, I didn’t know the answer of one of those questions. It was 20 minutes exam and I have successfully completed it.

After about one and half hour one person came with the result of the exam he was calling the passers accordingly to the roll number. And yeaaah, I have passed. Next is Viva, Oral test.

Oral test gone well than my expectation!

For the Oral test, everyone present there I was very much tensed because they were all in a fear that what will they may be asked? Will they can answer the questions? how long they will face the situation? how many questions they'll be asked? and so many other things were moving in their head.

I was not so much worried about it, so I was just remembering my answers I have prepared last night and giving slight revision. I was standing and waiting for my serial in a long queue. After a long while my serial came and I entered the room for the oral test. The officer first asked me to sit and said can I drive both bikes and cars as i have applied for both. Then asked me a question " what will I do if a disel engine is not starting preliminary? It was an easy question as I know it. I answer him like, first I will check there is enough fuel and then the sparking plug if the sparking plug covered with carbon. The officer was satisfied with my answer. He asked me few more questions and I answered him well.

I passed the oral test successfully ❤️

Time for driving test.

It was a long time waiting for me. I didn't eat my breakfast properly and it was then about 1 pm. So I was very hungry that snacks will not fulfill my belly so I decided to have something heavy. I went to a restaurant and had biryani. it was little expensive but I was hungry.

The driving test nearly started at about 4 p.m. everyone was gathering in the field and there they announce the result of oral test. after announcing the results, those who passed successfully got prepared for the driving test. My serial was 244, I was just waiting for my serial to come and watching others to giving the test. As my bike bleongs to 160 cc it's not a small bike that's why it is quite hard to give the test with that. So I borrowed my friends little bike.

For the car driving test I had to hire a car to give the test, the car holder charged me about 5$ for that.

After completing all these tests I returned home with a exhausted soulwith a tired body. The day was really very tough for me.

Result was announced 7 days later.

After the day of test, the officer told us to check our final result through there website. Those who passes, will pay the fee to the government through bank and then wait for few more days to finger print collection. After that we can get the smart driving licences card. But during this period, we can drive by showing the learner certificate.


so that was my experience of my driving licence test. One should have licence to make a journey safe by avoiding unprofessional driving.

Alwayse be safe, hoep you live long❤️

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I'm taking the notion of learning how to drive. I've got all the books here already but don't have the heart to start it. 🤣 I think I'm okay being a passenger but I know it would be great if I can drive as well.

Here need to pass the theory test first then the driving test. We don't need to wait for 7 days for the result, you will know right away. But the price of petrol and the coat of insurance putting me off!

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7 months ago

😂😂 I feel the need of driving when am in a hurry and you are stuck in traffic jam or you can't book any taxi right then 🤦‍♂️ To save time it's important. Otherwise it's okay being a passenger😁

Here we are also facing the price problem of petron and octane. Octane is expensive than petrol🙂

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7 months ago