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Legit Paying Crypto Games (June 2020)

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2 years ago

Earn some crypto while having fun, and no deposit required!

If you're looking to get some extra Bitcoin or Ethereum in your spare time, you can definitely try out one of these apps:

  • Bitcoin Blast

    Bitcoin Blast is one of the most popular bitcoin earning games on the play store. It is published by Bling Financial. It's the usual match-three game where you have to match coins to fulfill a certain goal per level. It's a very well made game and the graphics are fun and enticing. Gameplay-wise, it is easy enough to clear stages, though higher levels may require a few tries to finish. The game uses the Bling Points as in-game currency which corresponds to a certain amount of Satoshi in real life.

    The game gives you 103 Bling Points per stage finished. Note, finished. The game rewards you whether you clear the stage or not. It is easy enough to accumulate Bling Points. The maximum one can earn in a day are around 1500+ Bling Points. Bling Points withdrawal can only be done once every week. The game has a 12-hour countdown timer after you have used up all your available plays for the day. Note that you need to use a Coinbase wallet for this app. The app is available at Google Play Store.

(Bitcoin Blast pays in Satoshis)

  • Bitcoin Blocks

    Another game from Bling Financial, it's a match two type of game where you have to tap adjacent blocks of the same color to clear stages. As this is another Bling Financial game, your Bling Points from Bitcoin Blast will carry over to this game. Same as before, you'll earn 103 Bling Point per level finished. This game is a little harder than Bitcoin Blast when it comes to clearing stages but it's still fun nonetheless. Since your Bling Points are synced, you can cash out from this app or from the Bitcoin Blast app. Again a Coinbase Wallet is required. The app is available at Google Play Store.

(Bitcoin Blocks pays in Satoshis)

Have I earned from the Bling Financial apps? Yes! I've already finished multiple withdrawals.

  • CryptoPop

    A match-two game published by Vweeter Limited the game will have you match different crypto coins (the cryptos matched during the game are for aesthetics only).The game pays out in Gwei (denomination of Ethereum). The player can earn a maximum of 1,000,000 Gwei in-game which they can withdraw into their Ethereum wallet. Withdrawals can be made once every three days to avoid, as the game says, spamming.

    It's an overall fun game and easy to play, you can earn 10,000+ Gwei in 30 minutes. There is no limit to the number of plays in a day. A Coinbase wallet is needed to withdraw. The process is straightforward, you earn Gwei while you're playing a stage. The downside is, the game can be buggy at times and the ads can be a little too much even though it only appears at the end of each stage. The app is available at Google Play Store.

  • CryptoWord

    A game reminiscent of Popcap's Bookworm, the game will have the player form words by using letter tiles adjacent to each other. The longer the word, the higher the score. While the game is fun enough, the game can get tedious. Although CryptoWord runs smoother than CryptoPop. The game pays out in Satoshis and deposits it to your Coinbase wallet. It's a fine app but the amount you get in-game is quite small for the amount of time you'll be playing to save up but you have unlimited plays so if you have some time, give this one a try. The game is published by Vweeter Limited and is available at the Google Playstore app.

Have I earned from the Crypto(Pop/Word) apps? Yes! Although I play CryptoPop more often as it is easier to earn Gwei which I save up and withdraw to my Eth Wallet in Coinbase.

Reminder: While these apps are legitimately paying, they are in no way a reliable source of income and are better used as a past time that lets you earn a few pesos.

If you have concerns about being able to transfer and convert your crypto in Coinbase, it is possible to transfer them to your wallet so no worries!

Other earning apps in my next article!

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