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Christianity flourishing

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11 months ago

A secular state Nepal has been practising the Christian religion from 1715. In 1715 Nepal was not a secular state. According to a source,the Christian religion was first introduced by Catholic Capuchin Friars.

During Nepal's unification in 1768-9, the Christian missionaries were banned for next two centuries. Finally after 1951,they were permitted to enter Nepal and spread their beliefs. The practice of proselytism were legal at the time. In 1990 multiparty democracy came into action and Nepali church began to grow rapidly. But since 2015,the constitution of Nepal 2015,provides for freedom to practice one's religion. And the constitution specifically denies the right to convert another person.

2011 census clearly shows that Nepal is highly in practice of Hinduism by 81%, Although Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal, Buddhism is inspired to 9.04% of population. Similarly Islam by 4.39%, kirant (indigenous groups) by 3.05% and Christianity by 1.42% and others are also there which I have not included. The statistics show that the Christianity is the fifth emerging religion in practice.

Since beginning, the Hindu religion has been dominating others beliefs. Most of other castes are also inspired by Hindu myths. They have the liberty to follow any religion. But still Christianity is a controversial subject because Nepali people think that people should not be influenced by outsiders religions. They think that their religion can destroy their culture and beliefs. And of course it is changing in positive way to minority groups.

From the beginning,Hindus are meant to be superior of all and others are just minority groups. The ideological thinking were almost the same. The minority groups used to think themselves as minor and always lived as they were. They were never treated equally. Most of their past generation passed them the same ideology.

After the Christianity missionaries started spreading beliefs of god's faith in rural .They opened their third eye. They were aware of their rights and equality. According to study the untouchable groups are mainly getting into this religion. They started thinking that all humans are equal by birth.

Now, In the Christian church everyone share same water,food and even they marry between Brahman and Dalits if they belong to same religion. While others motives to enter into this religion can be for recovery of health with god's grace or some people do it for opportunities too.

Most of them express that,they have had healed physical and psychological conditions. They invite other suffering people too. Above all they are happy to celebrate liberty of equality. Now finally their feelings of inferiority and disrepute is gone.

In present constitution of Nepal (article 4), Nepal is defined as an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive, democratic,socialism oriented, federal democratic republic state.

Also in other article, Conversion of religion activities are banned and undermining others religion is prohibited. The constitution declares the nation to be secular and neutral toward all religions.

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Written by   2
11 months ago
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