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What is so difficult in this subject!!!!!

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1 year ago

What is so difficult in this subject!!!!!!!!!!! There was a time I actually believe that those questions that they normally set for us during our time is school, were simple to be compared to external exams. I carried this believe till I reach my final level(class) before the external exam, I was not that prepared for the exams since I believe that they will look alike. The day I wrote my first exam was the day I realised awfar u need to go with my reading, I almost relent, and actually thank God for the type of friends I have, they advised me and told me that 'what is so difficult in the subject' that I couldn't read and understand, that am playing too much and not interested in the subjects. I know many people will have tell one person or the other,that wat is difficult in the subject, don't mind them it is because that have actually read and understand. Sonny fellow noisers, dunnot be afraid, no matter where you go or any exams you will write in kife, never look down on them, but try to read more harder and pray to God. Thanks

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