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Introductory post of myself

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11 months ago

My name is olowu oluwa tosin I live dancing singing, and backbiting. All things in this world came into tHis world and must leave this world

I can into this world in the year 2000 and I was the third born, I was so lucky to be the third born, because all my brothers have covered almost all my work

I have always wanted to become a doctor since from primary school

I started schooling at the age of 2 and finished school at the age of 15, to God being the glory I finished secondary school, here I am at the higher institutions

My secondary school life was not good and not bad it was cool, I could remember when my teachers will come and beat all of us because we didn't bring our note or didn't do our assignment

My secondary principal Mr kelechi was a nice man, and disciplined, je dosent tolerate nonsense, although this affected us in terms of sport cause we didn't play at all, all the sports we did in our secondary school was limited

My best foods are rice and beans, bread and egg, yam and egg, indomie and egg, bread and butter, I love pizza, and so on. But I don't really love beans

My best teacher is Mr agaga, this man introduced me to read cash and here I am, thinking am going to make money, I pray God help me

My house is not to far it is located at imokun, at wow Lagos state, I love the place cause it is a cool place, no noise (noise pollutants) no sited industry all of them were kept at distant. But one thing is my town major problem, we don't usually have the government lyt, which we think is very essential

I live drinking, pepsi, coke, fanta, and any other sweet drinks bit water and bitter are the best drink I can have and the best drinks I can advice you to have, they are really great and cool

I have five friends

  1. One is tall

  2. The other is short

  3. The other is medium

  4. The other is like my height

  5. The other and last one is taller that all of us

I am so greatful to God for giving me this long of friend that are really great friends, and I pray God will continue to help us

My name is tosin olowu, my mother have me tosin because, I think it is the best name you can give a child (it means God is worthy and enough to be praised) to me that true, God is the one protecting me and my family, and every other people around me, here I am at read cash , writing article for you to read. And I promise not to disobey the rules

Our firstborn name is smile, he is jovial love reading things and also a graphic designer

Our second Born is lovely cute, and also the one that has the drumming ability

And me that third born never lacks some morals, I am obedient and never like looking for people's trouble.

And our last born, he is very playful and never does his house chores because we do help him to do it as brother

I pray God help us as we enter into new week,, amen

Yours faithfully


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Written by   3
11 months ago
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Welcome to read cash Nifemi. I hope you have a good time here. Just follow all the rules and you’d enjoy your time here. 👍🏾

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11 months ago