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Do you have any investment/BCH/ETH investment

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1 year ago

Today we are talking about investment/BCH OR BITCOIN INVESTMENT Do you have any investment, have you ever think of having any investment.

Investment is just like something you put your earning into and later grow to become big later in life, some investment might be land, you might as much as 9 hectares of land and still tend to seek it in future. But here we are talking about ETH, BCH, and other investment, where you will have a coin and tend to seek later BCH INVESTMENT, has really helped me a lot,

Lemme tell you my story as a bitcoin owner, I was once a secondary school students who loves the design of BCH, it logo and things abou crypto currency, and I decided that I will have one, on days to come

So I begin to save any money I do receive from my brothers and sisters, even my uncle, I pretended, that i was using the money for other thibgs, but they do not know that am keeping it, so lovely. My savings grew up and i bought a bitcoin, that was 9 years ago, and I was thinking of loss at the same time cause if bitcoin goes down, I will suffer loss very well at that time, as time goes on I forgot that I have any bitcoin for good 4 years I did not check my crypto wallet, until I hear that bit on as risen and is now sold at a high price.

I was happy the my investment is now ready to be sold. Then instantly I told my brother that I have a bitcoin, and they were surprised that were did I get it, then I begin to tell them that the time they were giving me money that I was keeping it, and late in the money become large and I used it to buy a bitcoin then when it was still at a small price, but now I can sell one BTC, OVER A MILLION TO Nigeria MONEY

they were happy with me, I invested is just like buying a land as I have said before, and now leave it for the future, cause it will get to a time that land will be so expensive to buy, as how thibgs are going now

Then my brother congratulated me of my boldness and courage of buying it then not know the fear that is usually running through my mind, whenever I think of it going down and am going to loose all the money

Today, am enjoying myself, I have invested in ETH, BTC, AND MANY MORE, I CAN sell some now if I want to sell something

Hope is what make a man, that time I had hope that one day that the BTC IS going to rise and I will benefit from it, because I do sell them whenever I need money, I can even buy a land if I wish too because anything in this life is turn by turn

Invest and dont waste time thinking that it will fall, leave it for a year and come back to it, to your surprise it might have increased or decreased, so don't be shocked

Now, do you Ave any investment, I think it it time to go and invest, so you can earn later Have a wonderful day (All original content) Image source : from Google

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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