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Knowing Pipeflare or Flare Token and About this Crypto Coins Project

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If you interested with this token click the link here.

Flare Tokens

aka “Flares”, are the native currency of PipeFlare and therefore the games on our platform.

Question 1: Are Flares Tradable?

Not yet, but soon. We are researching the most effective platform to use to issue tradable tokens. Once we decide which platform to use, we'll swap your current tokens 1:1 with tradable tokens.

Question 2: What Are FlareDrops?

We will have monthly airdrops, aka FlareDrops, which can be distributed to all or any Flare Token holders. The airdrop will be distributed in proportion to how many Flare Tokens you own. For example, if we host a a $5000 USD Airdrop and you own 1% of the total Flare supply, you’d get $50 USD.

Question 2: What Else am i able to Do With My Flares?

You’ll be ready to use your Flares to buy items within games, to upgrade game items, to customize skins, to buy monthly subscriptions, to donate to independent game developers, and more.

Question 3: How Do I Get More Flares?

Currently you'll get your Flares by playing games, by finishing within the top 100 of game leaderboards, by HODLing your Flares and participating in FlareDrops, and by claiming your free daily Flares via the Faucet.

Question 4: Do Flares Have A Dollar Value?

Currently Flares don’t have a dollar value, but they will once we put them on the blockchain. Once thing is obviously, get as many Flares as you'll be able to now while the value is low.

Question 5: Where Do I Store My Flares?

For now we will store your tokens for you. Once we put the tokens on a blockchain you’ll need to store them in your own wallet. Join our discord and social media to get notified when we launch our tradable tokens.

2020 Vision And Beyond

PipeFlare is currently a Faucet, but it’s getting to be such a lot more than just free ZEC or free PIVX.

Our vision at PipeFlare is to make a fun hangout spot where our community can play games, find out about technology, and learn about crypto.

Short Term Goals

Goal 1: Incorporate games and leaderboards

We’re shooting for five to 10 fun games where users will compete in daily/weekly leaderboards for prizes in ZEC. Who doesn’t like games? Games are an excellent thanks to learn about crypto.

Goal 2: Create a Monthly Member Tier

We’re researching creating a “Subscriber Tier” which can give users access to “Subscriber-Only Leaderboards” with higher payouts. We’re exploring all the advantages of this Tier, and are open to ideas.

Goal 3: Create a Master Referrer Tier

At the request of the many referrers, we are looking to make a “Master Referrer Tier” which can give referrers access to enhanced analytics and far higher payouts.

Medium Term Goals

Goal 1: Multiply Games x10

We’re looking to incorporate 40-50 games in our arcade.

Goal 2: PipeFlare Token / Unique Items / Customizable Avatars

In line with classic crypto gaming, we’d researching how we are able to create customer skins / avatars to be used on These skins and unique items will be purchased using the “Flare” tokens, which may be won at our arcade.

Goal 3: Incorporate Community Badges

Like all good community sites, we would like to include badges. Badges are often earned for a range of things, like # of games played, # of games won, #of claims on the faucet, etc… Perhaps we'll have a community badge contest to ascertain who comes up with the foremost fun ideas?

Long Term Goals

Long-term, we've got one goal. to assist game developers from round the globe create a passive income by hosting their games on PipeFlare.

Every highschool student, university student , and indie studio are going to be able to host their games on PipeFlare and earn an interesting of the rewards. We hope that this may help the amateur game developers looking to form a reputation for themselves, and put some money in their pockets.

We are particularly excited about how this will help improve the lives of developers in 3rd world countries who have a really tough time monetizing their art/games.

Referrals Program and Rewards:

  • Novice - fewer referred of 25

  • Advanced - more than 25 refers

  • Master - Coming soon

Currently they have three types of crypto coins and one token (ZEC, DASH, PIVX AND FLR which is Flare token) to claimed every 24hrs directly paid to your save wallet.

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Yes, it's great, it seems to me that there is an identical one for the ZEN token, but check it out. I can't wait to shoot all three games within Pipeflare

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Once we have the tokens in a blockchain you need to store them in your own wallet.

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1 month ago

I have heard about it. I think I should grap this opportunity soon.

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