Remembering the traditions that have been disappearing, with modernism

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Hello, greetings to all who share these publications, today I am going to refer to the traditions, and I do it because I went out with my friends to do some shopping, and it is true that modern technology simplifies most of the things, but that loved that It feels like when you say "I did it". "It is prepared at home" no longer exists and nostalgia most of the time appears on the scene.

Part of the purchases that we were going to make were Christmas, the stores filled with beautiful ornaments, all made with the technology of machines designed for it, at that moment I remembered the beautiful table runners that my grandmother wove, going to her house was like going to a haunted house, all done with his hands.

At that point I decided to make my Christmas decorations myself, instead of buying them. At that time there were more traditional cribs and we had fun making in a corner of the room the largest in the neighborhood (it was healthy competition) we looked for moss, we made figures with wood, clay, clay, handicraft materials, them I am going to leave photos of some of the ones I have made, a nativity carved in pieces of wood and another in clay.

I ended up buying the materials to make my creations

A table runner, a Christmas wreath, various decorations that I will show you later.

I tell them that I will also make a little tree as before, I will look for a large branch and cover it with soap foam, I will place the ornaments made with my hands and it will be spectacular.

This is how I will tell my beautiful twelve-year-old granddaughter and my nephews how we gathered to wait for the birth of the baby Jesus, who would come with our toys. That the Christmas bonuses, the Christmas carols, the parrandas, the rooster masses were to share with the family, visit the neighbors; share the Hallacas, and the artisanal drinks.

The "rum with ponsigue ', in a house could not be absent, it was the prize for the revelers who asked for their rewards with the Christmas bonuses. From home he attended the revelers, most of the time he joined the aguinalderos and they continued visiting and singing in each of the houses in the neighborhood; it was an offense if they stopped singing in any house in the neighborhood.

A reunion with all those traditions: it would help to once again recover how great and how beautiful the family is. Having dinner together on Christmas Eve, welcoming the new year by eating the grapes, listening to the twelve chimes and running off with the suitcases, predicting that we would travel in the new year, was a spectacle.

With nostalgia for what I have experienced and that is almost lost, I will decorate the house with a manger, garlands, mistletoes, I will put poinsettias on the windows, and even Nicolás will enter through the fireplace. We will have hachacas, ham bread, chicken salad, baked turkey, black cake and even the traditional dulce de milchosa, all homemade.

I will also tell you how we had fun with the antics of the lucky rabbit, the pink panther, the roadrunner, comics that do not envy anything to the current comics, I will tell them that flying a kite, playing gurrufio, spinning top, metras, guatacos was what maximum.

To conclude the story, I will point out how modern times changed the water basin for a washing machine, the sun for another drying machine, the stove for the electric stove, the toilets in the squares for the nightclubs, But we also I push each other away, because now we never have time to share. What times were those, I wish they would return because we would be happy again Because a family that prays together, stays together.

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