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Controlling or Caring?

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1 year ago

Is it an act of controlling if your partner asks where you are, who you are with and what time you are coming home?

I asked this question to my guy office mates because I noticed their weekends drinking session. And I'm so certain that ALL of them are always coming home late.

But only three out of the six married guys answered me. And these were what they said which I just translated:

Guy #1 (married for 10 years and with 2 daughters): If our partners always call us in order to know our every move, I can say, we are being controlled. And that is what my wife has been doing ever since we get married.

Guy #2 (married for 1 year & 5 months): My wife seldom calls or texts me if it's way passed office hours and I am not yet home, it's as if she doesn't care but I always get a good slap once I step inside our house.

They all laughed.

Guy #3 (married for 4 months and 1 day today): She doesn't have to constantly ask me of my whereabouts because wherever I go, no matter what I do and how late it is, I will always go home to her.


Growing up, I was taught and always reminded by my parents to make sure that they always know where I am and that I should always inform them if in case I can't go home for a day, so, they won't worry about me.

That's why I can say that the above question should not be answered as an act of controlling, but rather, an act of caring.

I know we don't like being controlled and someone always checking and keeps track of our every moves but it costs nothing to answer whenever our loved ones ask us of our whereabouts.

In my own opinion, telling our loved ones (parents/siblings/guardians/partners) where we are, who we are with and what time we are coming home is not an act of being controlled. When we do this, it just goes to show that we respect them and we don't want them be worried if we are not yet home. :)

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1 year ago
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