Vegan Diet For Beginners : Basic Rules

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Tips for future vegans: How to start, what to avoid

Tips for future vegans: How to start, what to avoid and how to enjoy food ...

If you have decided to switch to a vegan diet, it is necessary to do it in a smart way. Follow these rules.

Start with a plant-based diet Do not throw out foods at once, but gradually, and in the meantime, try to get enough of legumes and cereals. So, burritos, Asian noodles, cornbread, pasta and beans are some of the simple meal suggestions that leave you full.

Curry and Mexican food Kari is fantastic. Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, lentils and tofu can be great substitutes for meat. Mexican food is easy to prepare - use peas and mushrooms instead of meat and fill tortillas.

Alternatives to milk When it comes to milk, the options are numerous. There is soy, coconut, walnut, hemp milk. However, oat milk is perhaps the most similar in taste to the one you used and you can get used to it relatively easily.

Read the labels Milk is often a hidden ingredient in many foods, and if you don't want to question your veganism, pay attention to the labels.

Indulge in various accessories Nuts should not be avoided. You can sprinkle them on the main dish and bake them in the oven, sprinkle them over pasta or salad, make a mixture of your choice from as many different ingredients as possible. Use fresh spices, they will bring new flavors to every meal.

Listen to the organism Since many of us are allergic to some ingredients, without even knowing it, the best advice is to listen to your body when trying new diets. Vegetarian meat or soy may not be for everyone who is trying to become vegan, and unpredictable reactions in the stomach are best indicated.

Get a vegan chef There are collections of recipes that can be of great help to you and in which you can find simple recipes for delicious meals.

Include supplements While getting used to a vegan diet, you may experience a lack of energy. To avoid this, include iron and vitamin B12, as a dietary supplement.

Try alternative recipes

Make alternative recipes that will resemble the original ones. For example, if you like macaroni and cheese, try making the sauce from unsweetened soy milk that you heat and add cornstarch to it. Then add the smoked paprika and mustard powder. It may not taste as good as macaroni and cheese, but it resembles them.

Treat yourself to going out to a vegan restaurant Even if you are vegan occasionally, what can help you be on that path is to treat yourself to meals from restaurants.

Don't overdo it Don’t expose yourself to any kind of crisis. Start a moderate transformation towards veganism, with one meal a day or one day of vegan cuisine during the week.

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