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My thoughts on Roger's

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1 year ago

It's my opinion. I think everyone has his on decsion to make. Nothing much want to say. Today I want to share with you about roger's and BCH. I want to compare the difference between Roger and Amaury's commitment to BCH by highlighting two things Roger states.

Even in my own life, I've been selling a lots of different cryptocurrency options. And you can earn money from the options and you can buy other options. And so what I had been doing for a long, long time is I've been buying lots and lots of Bitcoin Cash puts, which is basically just a fancy way of saying that I'm agreeing to buy Bitcoin Cash at some specific price lower than the price today, in the future. So if Bitcoin Cash is lets' say $220 bucks today, I'm agreeing to buy Bitcoin Cash several months into the future at$200 each. In exchange for me agreeing to that, they pay me money right now for that, and I've been earning a substantial amount of money this way, and I had been taking all that and just using it to buy more Bitcoin Cash, and sell more Bitcoin Cash puts in the future, and I was buying millions of dollars of Bitcoin Cash this way, and I stopped doing that a few months ago because of the uncertainty that Amaury has caused in the market, and I switched to buying a whole bunch of Ethereum that way. And from an investor's standpoint, it's done fantastic, but from someone who is excited about peer to peer cash for the world, I think Bitcoin Cash has a better shot at doing that than any other cryptocurrency out there, but Amaury's busy rocking the boat and if the boat capsizes that's the end of it. So here I am, you know everybody knows I'm a big big Bitcoin Cash fan. I run and I have plenty of money to do things with, too.

And in fact there are lots of talks amongst big Bitcoin Cash holders of just plain paying Amaury to leave Bitcoin Cash alone. That's how passionate people feel about it. It would be basically paying him an extortion fee. That's an example of would paying an extortion fee be preferable to having Amaury disrupt the platform of Bitcoin Cash that people are trying to build on? Maybe. In fact you know what I should tell that story. I reached out to Amaury about that specifically, and I asked him, how much would I have to pay you to just stop with this IFP nonsense and stop threatening doing the fork and doing that. And his initial reply, and it was in this ... there were some other people in the chat room there, I don't know maybe a dozen, and his initial reply was you have to pay me 22 million Bitcoin Cash. For those that don't know 22 million Bitcoin Cash don't exist so basically he said you have to pay me more than all the Bitcoin Cash in the world. And then I replied to him. I said see this is the exact sort of bad, sarcastic attitude that I'm complaining about that is detrimental to people wanting to build on top of Bitcoin when the lead developer has this sarcastic rude attitude towards one of the people that have really done a lot to push Bitcoin Cash forward. And then he replied, and he gave a little bit of [???] behind it, and he said he would leave Bitcoin Cash alone and stop with the IFP stuff if I paid him $200M, which I also think is a crazy amount. And it just really shows at this point he doesn't care about peer to peer cash for the world, he's just looking to get $200M, or 22 million Bitcoin or whatever.

Look I don't care how anyone chooses to spend their money. I don't care what projects someone wants to invest in or promote. But I do believe that if you want to speak on behalf of the BCH community as a key opinion leader, you shouldn't go around promoting the competition, or even worse, promoting scammy projects like HEX while telling those of us who are 100% committed to BCH what we should or shouldn't be doing.

Now let's compare Roger's attitude to that of Amaury's.

Meanwhile, Amaury has only done what he said he would do while also trying to warn us of what will happen if we continue down the path we have been on. I think it's time we finally start listening to Amaury. He warned people about Segwit2x. He warned people about BU. He warned people about Craig Wright. And now he's warning us about not enabling the IFP and undergoing another split.

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Written by   13
1 year ago
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