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Why parents should pay more attention to teenagers!

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1 month ago

Dear Read and Bitcoin Cash community!

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Today I will talk about how teenagers live in Croatia and in the next article I will talk about school in Croatia (system,socialization etc.) . I will also talk today about opportunities how teenagers can make their own money. Today's example would be cryptocurrencies. Soooo... Let's start.

Most Croatian teenagers aged 14-18 are going to high school and this is where the problem starts.


My first day in High School was kinda weird because I didn't expect that 90% of students are already smoking. But okay that is normal for higher classes so I really didn't pay attention to it. I was just hoping that no one in my class would smoke cigarettes for at least another 6 months. Guess what? Only TWO weeks was needed to make almost every student in my class. If you didn't know more than 50% of people in Croatia smoke.

There are plenty of reasons why. First reason is because in Croatia, every kiosk would sell cigarettes to a "kid". When u ask them why? They will tell you that if they don't sell someone else will. Unfortunately that is true. But this is not the main reason. The main reason is because parents don't give much attention to a teenagers.

Always keep in mind that a child will start smoking in company and the fault isn't his. This is typical parent fault. They don't care in what company is he or she and this is really sad. But this is not the worst. Worst are comming after that. Teenagers are starting to go to clubs. Now look! I think every teenager can go to a club and to have some fun with friends. But in Croatia things are not like that. There is a 75% chance that your kid will be in problems after a night club. Example is he might go extremely drunk or try drugs.

After that comes depression.. Let me explain. The main reason why teenagers get depressed is because of school grades and parental relationships. They were having so much fun outside that they didn't pay attention to school and parents are starting to scream at them, being angry etc. without realizing that is their own fault.

As a teenager I will tell some tips to you how you can fix the situtation. The first way is to make the child interested in something. Example cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency have so much opportunities to teenagers just if they will have some little support from parents. You can earn money for free invest and start living from it. No that does not mean that the kid should leave school that only means that he need to have some other hobbies.

Sport is also very good thing for teenagers. You basically practice your stamina and body and make yourself better.

Second way is to start communicating with your kid. I will tell my story now. At the point I really wanted to earn money from home and first that comes to my mind is being a pro gamer. Look you always need to support your kid but you also need sometimes to be real. Being a pro gamer is a 0.01% chance. I was playing 7 hours a day in game called Counter Strike but I was getting 0 rewards from it.

My parents realized that I need to start to do something else that can be useful. I ask them what? After that Dad showed me a cryptocurrency world and to be honest with you it is really beautiufl with great people. At the first I tough that there are only old grandpas and that nobody really cares about it. But then I really start to enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   2
1 month ago
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