Moringa Powder is called super food

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Did you know that Moringa Powder is also called super food?

Today I want to give you some information about Sagina leaf that will surprise you!

  1. Sagina leaves contain 6 times more vitamin-C than orange and lemon.

  2. Milk contains 4 times more calcium and twice as much meat.

  3. It contains 4 times more vitamin A than carrots.

  4. Potassium is 3 times more than banana.

  5. You will be more surprised to hear that Moringa powder also release arsenic in water.

Let's know some more wonderful qualities of this miracle leaf.

Sagina leaves work just like medicine for heart patients, lowers high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, controls diabetes.

🌱One table spoonful of dried Moringa powder provides 14% meat, 40% calcium and 23% iron and vitamins to children aged 1-2 years.

🌱Daily 8 teaspoons of Moringa powder is able to supply all the calcium and iron required by a pregnant or lactating mother.

🌱 Moringa powder are very useful for diabetes.

🌱 Sagina leaves are more useful than sagina data.

🌱If there is an allergy problem, there are many benefits of applying soybean leaves on the affected area.

🌱 Every morning, mix one teaspoon of dry powder in water and drink it to get relief from stomach inflammation and gastritis.

🌱 For gout, the pain can be relieved by applying horseradish leaves on the knees or in the place where there is pain.

🌱Sagina flowers also have many benefits such as: Increases digestion power, relieves constipation, etc.

🌱Angea works well as an immediate antiseptic to the bite of sage leaves.

🌱 Saginaw leaves act as anthelmintic. If you have worm problems, grind horseradish leaves or eat it with other foods.

🌱 Sagina enhances immunity in the body, keeps the body active. Increases bone strength which plays a role in self-defense and.

🌱 Moringa powder help the liver and kidneys to function properly. Prevents disease and keeps kidneys and liver healthy.

🌱 Sagina leaves help keep the mother's body healthy during pregnancy and increase breast milk without any side effects.

🌱Helps a lot to reduce body weight. Eat horseradish leaves in addition to exercise.

🌱 According to doctors and experts, horseradish leaves and data are beneficial for about 300+ diseases and cure diseases.

🌱 Sagina leaves keep children's stomachs clean.

🌱 Sagina leaves are also good for skin and hair.

Now let's know about its usage sagina leaves powder

For the skin:

  • You can mix honey with horseradish leaf juice or dried powder and apply it on the face. It tightens the skin of the face, cleanses and removes acne.

  • You can apply it in the wound area of ​​the skin by applying leaf paste or powder. Sajane leaves also heals wounds in the skin.

For hair:

  • Make a paste of sagina leaf juice or dry powder and mix it with honey or massage it on the scalp. This will reduce hair loss. The scalp will get nutritional value. The head will stay cold. The hair will be beautiful and thick.


When the amount of blood in the body decreases, boil the sajnandanta with water and chew its decoction and stalks to cure anemia. However, you need to eat regularly for some time.

Rules for making decoction:

Spread the stalk husk in 100 gm sajna and boil it in 400 ml water. If there is one cup of boiling water, the pot needs to be removed from the fire. It should be eaten only when it is completely cold.

Blood pressure:

Dietary salt i.e. ‘sodium chloride’ is very harmful for blood pressure patients. On the other hand, ‘potassium salt’ does no harm. It goes without saying that there is no sodium chloride in the stem. So it controls blood pressure.

Prevention of smallpox:

There is no chance of getting infected with water and cocoons by eating fried stalks and fried vegetables or vegetables.

According to Ayurveda, horseradish roots are soothing and stimulating.

The bark of the root acts as an antidote, enhances digestion and strengthens the heart and blood circulation.

Aqueous extract of the bark of the root is useful in the treatment of neurological weakness, lower abdominal pain and hysteria.

Sajina fruit extract is useful in tetanus and paralysis of liver and spleen.

Saginaw beech oil is used as a massage in the treatment of arthritis.

Saginaw root juice mixed with milk causes urination. Its juice is antiseptic and diuretic.

The local doctors use the stem of Sajina as an anthelmintic and antipyretic for paralysis. Its glue is a laxative.

Applying sajina glue on the forehead with bete milk relieves headaches and is given to the syphilitic buggy.

The use of sajna as a dewormer is also very important. The body gets rid of worms by playing the juice of the roots and bark regularly for 3/4 days.

It also enhances the circulatory system. The juice of the young leaves of Sajna is played at regular intervals and the blood pressure gradually becomes normal. According to the doctors in Myanmar, the fresh juice of the ripe leaves of Sagina can be reduced in a week by taking 2/3 teaspoon just before a double meal. However, those who have diabetes will not use it.

Decoction of sajina syrup is used with milk for sore throat, asthma, gout, back pain and general arthritis.

Playing with the leaves of sajina with garlic, turmeric, salt and black pepper destroys the dog's feces and if it is applied on the wicked place, the swelling decreases in 5/6 days and the fever is relieved.

The juice of its bark is taken with molasses to relieve headaches.

When 250 gm of leaf juice is mixed with 15 gm of sea salt, it is versatile.

16. Playing with sajina leaves relieves influenza fever and painful cold.

A mixture of sajina shaker, lemon juice and watermelon is an anti-flatulence and stimulant.

The juice of its bark is taken with molasses to relieve headaches.

It reduces ringworm in the skin of the root. However, it should not be used every day.

If the gums of the teeth become swollen due to mucus, the swelling decreases if the decoction of the leaves is taken in the mouth.

Malnutrition is one of the causes of blindness. The Indian Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind recommends eating vitamin-rich sajna leaves to prevent blindness.

Sajane leaf bark pills are especially useful in acid disease. Separately, separate the bark shells, militant chlorophyll grains and yolks, mix them together in equal proportions in the beet and make small pills in the shape of cool beech and dry them in the sun. Give them lemon juice without water during butter. If you have constipation, take one pill with hot water before going to bed at night. It will benefit the acid disease. If you do not have constipation, use cold water.

Ginger and sajna peel paste is applied to any part of the body to relieve sprains or bruises.

If you have hiccups, take 2/4 drops and mix the juice of sajna leaves with milk and eat it 2/3 times.

Thank you for reading.

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Moringa powder has so benefit.Glad to know this.

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You gave so many information about moringa powder. It's very beneficial natural ingredient.

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