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Be careful

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9 months ago

Hey hey, okay do you believe Palaram?

Felonako sighed so loudly.

Don't you know that Bhutanath of Opara that year,

Kupokat was going to breathe?

Exhale, sigh and sigh.

If the insect flies in the face of the spider?

Bipin's uncle is an old man.

He suffered from cholera for five months after eating flies.

So I say - be careful! Coronaco incense,

TP gets TP gets away quietly.

Cheonako back and forth, Yeonako to the right

People who live carefully, - write this in the law.

Have you read the garland? Who knows what he does

Falling into Patko on the way?

Good thing- and in the morning or at noon,

Neonako one day in Ghosh's pond,

What will happen to such a fat body one day,

Think about how serious it is!

Why Chato? Either that or who knows,

If something happens, it will end in trouble.

Why do you mumble?

You have learned that Jathamo is empty, ripe in inches,

Don't listen to any talk, go back to food,

One day you will know how many people are pushing.

Ramesh's great-uncle was also Seyna,

As much as I say good things do not take anything to heart

At last one day in Channi market

The car crashed in the middle of the road!

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Nice photography bro💕💕

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9 months ago

Thank You soo much bro

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9 months ago


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9 months ago

Thank you bro

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9 months ago

Wow! Great articles dear brother 💝

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9 months ago

Thank you bro...what are you doing ?

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9 months ago