Use Numio say Goodbye to high Eth gas fees :)

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Hello everyone I hope you all are doing well as you all know the current bullish trend of market yielding high gas fees due to high network usage. Everyone is complaining about that and many are saying ETH 2.0 will solve these lightening fees but it's so far away I guess.

As a decentralized exchange trader, I'm the most affected by it. Using Uniswap is quite expensive as you transact at smart contracts first approving it and then exchanging it through uniswap protocol. Let me share you a screenshot of my recent transaction at Uniswap costing me around 30$+ and that too much.

I'm looking to shift my trading from DEX to CEX but my coins bags not allowing me that most coins are listed on uniswap which I trade. Aside from it if you're sending any ERC-20 token or eth to any other wallet it costs you much and for that, I've found an app called "NUMIO"


Numio seems to be solving the high gas fees issue which most of you guys are facing. I was referred by Steve to use it and I found I promising. Let's have a. Look of the eth is received from my friend 👇

I received 6$+ eth and transaction fees is super cheap only 0.8$ from numio to numio wallet. I have seen many guys holding eth and transfering to their different wallets and paying as more as 5$ per transfer and that huge. By using numio they may save huge amounts.

Coin Supported

Numio supports 4 coins along they have partnered with PHOENIXDAO. You can send receive ETH, WBTC, USDC & PHOENIXDAO.

It's super easy you can easily purchase crypto by debit card, easily send receive Ethereum from your external wallet too.

You can download their application on Google Playstore named "Numio" its an easy 2min signup process and you're done saving some fees.

👇 Download Numio Now 👇





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