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I miss me

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7 months ago

Yes. I miss those evenings, morning, nights I spend thinking about the thing I loved the most. Those writeups enrich with refreshing experience that used to my strength and identity. That imagination and experiences that supported me always in my day to day life I miss them badly!

I miss those cheerful happy days when I had no Followers/Lovers/Haters I use to spend my time with my first love "💚 Nature 🍃"

I remember when this world pushes me towards the hardest times in my lives the only thing that soothes me is green. You may call me egoistic, sensitive & the one who hurts people but all I say is this isn't the right time to say alike things. You may sense things by your side or hear them by me but you never know how things work and how misunderstandings ruin everything.

Eh?!! Not only that I missed older me that use to post a Sunset Picture saying "A Beautiful End" Yes! Everything has its end and the day we moved toward the second world the first world people gonna miss them harder than they think I've experienced too much.

Priorities changes, busy schedules may even ruin things but in all scenarios being positive is the key. No matter what happens to need to be calm and positive about everything you do. People will bad mouth you even in public groups but I remember one sentence from a great lady!!

"Kill them with your kindness"

- Elena Demou

Yes! She is my inspiration she taught me more than being Head of Guardians and I pray for her and her family :)

I miss the older me which used to receive appreciation and positive vibes even after getting overwhelming bad responses the positivism always overcomes it. The older me had no complications in day to day daily life. The old me who got so much love with the community than hate. The older me who use to write about green love than redone.

That OLDER ME is not found anymore. I miss him badly because things aren't well as they supposed to be. No one knows when you'll be breathing your last breath before that moment I wanna say 5 alphabets

* S O R R Y *

If you ever felt bad just because of me. I'm still finding that older me that supposed to be more optimistic, powerful and positive.


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Written by   72
7 months ago
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I am also missing me........

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7 months ago