Buy/Sell Tokens at CCTip Box with fewer fees

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2 years ago

As we all know the load on eth network increased and fees are skyrocketing even if you wanna buy less amount you pay higher fees than your total amount. This is killing the traders and resisting many to buy & sell their tokens. I've to see CCTip Box offering 1UP pairs there is less liquidity and we are raising liquidity so you guys can easily buy and sell your 1UP tokens easily. Especially 1UP/BCH pair you can easily deposit, withdraw bch with the lowest fees.

1UP/BCH pair link on CCTip Box


It's super easy to register your account with CCTip box I would recommend you to join it with telegram I'm putting my link below 👇

CCTip Box

Swap Tokens

You can easily swap any tokens in CCTip bot if you're having difficulties let me share you a full guide video 👇

Provide Liquidity

I've been checking liquidity on 1UP pairs in CCTip Box is so low. You guys can help provide liquidity in 1UP/BCH pair easily and earn 83% fees by providing liquidity in 1UP/BCH pair so what are you waiting for? Your 1UP in your wallet earn nothing by providing liquidity you may earn something while holding your tokens 😉

How? Wanna know how to provide liquidity in CCTip Box? Simply, I'm giving you a detailed guide video link below that will help you 👇

Let's do this 💪

I see many users want to buy 1UP's but they can't due to crazy fees so let's put hands together and pool our tokens there while earning commission and giving chance to investors who want to buy tokens at these cheap rates 🤭 not speculating lol.

^ 1 U P ~

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2 years ago