My Genius Twins - Chapter 5

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Mr. Collins POV's                

We left my grandchildren's school there because my friend was in a hurry with what he wanted to know from what he saw. Sigh!

Oh wait, you said let's just have coffee. "said Mr. Collins."


"Tsk ...! Let's not be at my house anymore. Those things that should be known to me now look confidential because something was hidden from me during your time. So you have a lot to explain to me." Mr. Frost.


"oh, he's fine. We're just there. We'd better be there," I replied.


They have reached the Villa of the Frost."Good evening Mr. Collins and then Mr. Frost." meet one of the maids.


"Manang Suling, please bring us something to drink at my library." command of Mr. Frost.


"Yes, Mr. Frost." manang Suling replied.






"All right, start now," asked Mr. Frost to Mr. Collins.


Mr. began to speak. Collins and there was a shock to Mr. Frost of hearing the Villafuentes. That's where Veronica came from.

All told by Mr. Collins.    


"Yes, I know it was bad that I hid them for a long time, but my conscience could not leave him on the road during those times when he died. The worst thing was that he was in a coma for almost three months and was in a coma. she had babies in her womb without her knowing it. " Collins.               

"And when we found out she was pregnant, we neglected her even more and guarded her until she woke up. And that's when she told me everything that happened." She added.

"I feel sorry for the child of the father of his children he did not know because it looks like he was given drugs during the times when something happened to him. So he can not remember who that man is. And he has no plans to look for the father of his children because he did not want to take it away from him. So we hid him in France because he also wanted to forget all the pain he was going through, and my grandchildren and agreed. "


"Mr. Frost knows if one of our doubts is the Villafuentes family, but Ica does not know everything. And as long as we do not know the truth, we will not neglect Ica. We are now her family. I know if many of The Villafuentes are behind us but can Mr. Frost stop us from including him here because he is unfortunate, and then we are his family here. "


"As long as you have news about his persona and especially about the Villafuentes, let us know right away, don't hide it over and over again, Mr. Collins, you can count on us because we have been friends ever since." - Mr. Frost.

"You know, since we adopted Ica, the house has been happy, especially when the two angels came and even my grandchildren considered Ica a princess. I really have no intention of hiding you in case we were led by fear. Know especially King because he is extremely angry with the Villafuentes. "- Mr. Collins.


"Oh, let's just forget that he was part of the Villafuentes, poor kid." - Mr. Frost. (Sigh)

"Oh he how thank you for inviting me here, I'm going home I'm also worried about my grandchildren. That seems to be traumatic to what happened earlier when a lady shouted at them at the kids' castle." - untag ni, Mr. Collins.

"Oh, he's fine, I'll just send you to our butler." - Mr. Frost.


"Thank you very much, Mr. Frost." - Mr. Collins.




"Oh grandpa, there you are, I told you last night." - Ica.


"Yes, because Mr. Frost and I talked for a long time. By the way, how are my grandchildren?" - Lolo.


"Ayun fell asleep right away. Maybe Ae was traumatized by the scream and tired as well as Yun." Ica.


"hey, my poor grandchildren, Oh he, I'm done eating, rest that too. And I'm going up when you need something, sister. Just tell grandpa." - lolo.


"Of course, grandpa, rest." - Ica.


And they both climbed into their rooms.




"Leo, how is the business in the states? Has the problem been resolved there?"


"Yes, brother, I also asked Rain and Storm who is the mastermind of everything, and from what we discovered, many were stolen from our company there without our knowledge."


"Who do you think is in charge of everything? Are you my lead?" -Jun.


"Right now, brother, we are still looking for big evidence against them." Leo.


"They really won't stop us until they see us fall." Jun.


"That won't happen, brother. We won't let another company go bankrupt, this is the only memory we have left of mommy and daddy, so I don't want them to do something like this secretly without me knowing."


"Leo, I look forward to seeing you there, because you know I'm busy with other things. So please don't leave our company." - Jun.


"Yes, brother, you can count on Storm and Rain to be with me." Leo.


"By the way, where are the two fireflies, and I don't always see them here at home?" -Jun.


"I don't even know, brother. They are also swamped. - Leo.


"Oh, he's fine tomorrow you three go to my office. We have something to talk about." - Jun.


"All right, brother, I'll just tell you two." Leo.




Everyone who went to Jun's office.


Everyone looked at them, who could not look at the handsomeness of the three.


While Rain was not missing the lollipop, Leo noticed him.


"Rain ... Are you still eating that? Your sign for that." untag ni Leo.


And suddenly, Rain clung to Leo.

"Brother, do you want to?" suddenly pulled out and slapped Leo's mouth.


"Raiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn! Leo shouted.

How Rain suddenly ran inside.

While the stupidity of the twins just shook storm.




Jun was surprised when Rain suddenly came in, gasping for breath.


"Oh, Rain, why do you look like that? And who are you looking at there?" - Jun.


"Kuyaaaaaaaa ... Rain ran to Jun at the same time, and he hugged her and hugged her.

"Brother Leo will hit me again." Rain complained while Leo was still on his lap. 

Jun and Rain


"Rain, maybe you can stand there and your heavy egg." - Jun.


"I don't want to, brother. I'm safe here." Rain replied.


"Rain, did you close your brother?" - Jun.


Rain couldn't answer and just made his brother cute. And suddenly, the door opened.


"Raiiinnnnn ... !!! Come here." Leo shouted.


"Uwaaaahhhh ...! Hug Jun at the same time. Brother Leo will never do it again, sorry, brother ... Rain begged his brother.


"Oh, he's here so that you can sit down. And then Rain, earlier on my lap, did you have no intention of standing there?" -Jun.


Rain stood up and then turned to Leo and stared ...


"Bleeehh !!


"Nak ng ....! Leo is annoyed. Thank you because my older brother is there if you don't bald your egg."


"You see, brother Jun, he's going to make me bald. How come no one will like me because I'm bald." - Rain replied while sitting.


"Haist, that's right, you two really are still for you kids. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of you. And then what are you arguing about?" -Jun.


"That's as much as your youngest brother Jun if he hadn't dropped the lollipop he ate in my mouth." Leo.


"Hahaha ... You two really, when will you two mature again?" - Jun.

Let's go, and let's talk.


And the four sat down for an important discussion. Jun, Leo, and Moon are used to the twins. It was just too tender for the three of them. They are all, but they can no longer really get past Rain with his very young and naughty mind. They are used to being like that brother. Especially when Ica came, it became even more tender to everyone. On the other hand, Jun just lets his younger brother be like that instead of mumbling like before, who almost doesn't want to eat. So the three love the twins dearly because they were the smallest of them before their parents disappeared. Jun doesn't want anything to happen to the siblings he loves so much. If he could have taken the lives of people who were willing to hurt his siblings, he would have done it before. So even if they lie down, sometimes the twins will run to Jun's room to sleep there, Jun can do nothing but put the two to sleep in his room. He almost became the mother and father of the twins due to the trauma of losing their parents. Jun was happy when Ica and I came into their lives because they had been happy, especially Rain and storm. So Jun did everything to take responsibility as an underground master, just don't join the brothers' case. He can't control the four because everyone also has their own talent for handling weapons. But he still remembers them very much. And afraid of getting hurt. And that is what he will not allow happening to his five siblings, including Ica and his twin son and grandfather.

"Kuya?" Rain asked. Why are you stunned, brother, earlier we called ah.


"Ah, nothing, I just thought." - Jun.

"What are you thinking, brother? You can tell us all." Leo replied.


"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." - Jun.


"By the way, Moon is coming home here. Storm, Rain, you will be the one to pick him up tomorrow. I'm just going somewhere. And you, Leo, find out who is the root and end of the theft that happened in the states." - Jun.


"Really, brother? Brother Moon is coming home. I'll call so I can forget my greeting." - Rain.


"Yes, brother." Leo.


"Storm while you follow your Kuya Moon, also try to find evidence in the Villafuentes. They are very good at hiding the stench." Jun.


"Yes, brother, follow." Storm.


"And you, Rain, support brother Storm and support him in everything." Jun.


"Aye! Aye! Captain." - Rain while saluting.


Jun just laughed at his brother's behavior.


"Oh, he's fine, and I still have a walk. I'm just going to another mansion of ours." Jun.


The COLLINS DE MANSION is one of those hidden in the middle of the forest where only they know, and here they are also training to hold a weapon, and that mansion is also complete with weapons and so on.


"Be careful brother, we will go home too, Leo replied.


"All right, be careful when you come home. And then I'll go home at night. Don't wait for me for dinner." Jun.


"Naaman Kuya?" Rain asked as if he didn't like what the brother said.


Jun approached and scratched his head.


"Rain, you know my older brother is very busy, right? So understand my older brother, I will also try to get home early." Jun.


Rain frowned again.

And this is what Jun can't stand for the siblings. Jun can't stand them all in case it's just that Rain is worse.


"Oh hey, I'll go home early, don't prolong your face. It will make you ugly. No one will like you." Jun.


"All right, brother, we're leaving Storm, and I have more work to do." Leo.


"Oh, he's fine." Jun.


Jun's POV's


I am here in our secret place.

I need to practice more because it looks like we will be able to fight again.

I am about to enter my room here in this mansion.

I touched my mask ...


Mommy, daddy, don't worry, I won't leave my siblings.

Especially with the addition of the three of us.

You know mommy, daddy, they are beautiful and cute. I hope Ica just became our sister. But even so, mommy, daddy, we considered them real brothers. My brothers and sisters love them dearly too. And we will protect them all. I will not let anything happen to my siblings. So don't worry about us here, mom/dad. Always guide us in this fight, mommy, daddy.

I can't stop crying. We will make sure that everyone who does this is responsible to you, mom, dad. When the time comes, make sure they kneel in front of us.


Jun's eyes glazed over with anger.


So I went down to the lowest part of this mansion and practiced all the weapons. I don't want to be good with guns, and I also want to learn all the weapons.

I'm going home suddenly.



Something hit my car.

Who are they? So I accelerated the drive because I knew they would not stop me.

Who are they? I asked in my mind.

They already know my personality as ...

DARK KNIGHT? It is vague because no one else knows us but us.

I pulled over my car so they wouldn't follow me. And it's a good thing they didn't follow me anymore. Sigh!


It was past 11 pm when I got home, and I made sure everyone was asleep.

So I slowly entered my room, but I was startled by something moving in my bed. Maybe because of what happened earlier, so I suddenly became alert. The rain was the only one who slept here in my room while hugging a pillow.


Hayyy... As a child, this one is still really young. I just smiled. And approached the brother while sleeping ...


"Hmmmm .... Kuya andiyan kana pala?" Naalimpungatang Rain.


"Yes, I just arrived. I'm sorry I didn't get home early. My older brother just took care of something."


"Oh ..." Rain growled. And it turned a blind eye.


I hugged and arranged for my brother to lie down before going to the bathroom, bathing, and resting. But with what happened, I could not rest.

So I quickly took a shower and went to Storm, who was still not asleep.


Tok! Tok! Tok!



"Come in, brother, do you need anything?" - Storm.

Did you see Rain in your room sleeping there?


"Ah yes, I woke up when I arrived but also fell asleep again." my answer.


"Storm, I will order you something, e hack the road cameras I passed earlier, someone crashed into my car earlier, and I can't see who they are. They are related to the loss of mom and dad." I longed for it.


All right, brother, tomorrow I will give you the information I can get. "- Storm.


"Oh, he'll go to sleep too, and then don't tell your siblings first. They'll just worry, especially Rain." I said.


"opo Kuya," Storm.


"And then don't forget your brother Moon will come tomorrow."


"Yes, Rain and I will just go to the airport tomorrow, and I will email you the details tomorrow.


"Okay, go ahead. Just be careful, you two, especially Rain, don't let go."


"Yes, brother, you can count." Storm.


When I entered the room, my blanket brother came up to me immediately.

The motility really sleeps anytime.

"Mom, Dad ... Don't worry, I will not leave my brothers and sisters. I promise if no one can hurt them. Even if life is a substitute, then I can handle everything. I will protect them because you left them with me. So I am ready to do all for them. " In my mind.


And I also went to sleep with my brother.

Rain is smart just in case when he is a child. He will not disappear. Storm is more matured than the two of them. And you can also rely on Rain during battle because almost every move of the opponent is totally in his eyes when you are hit.

Even though it was so tender to my siblings and me, I did not want to cling, kiss, hug our youngest. Maybe that's how I love them all, especially our youngest. So I feel like a stepchild. If this shiver can cling to me, you will think I will never come back.

I adjusted the blanket again because it was moving again. And for me to fall asleep too. I was so tired from the chase earlier.

When Rain suddenly hugged ...






"Mom, Dad ... Don't leave me please." -Rain as if already crying.


It was a bad dream ...

So I just hugged him to get rid of his fear.

Until I fall asleep too.




I woke up without Rain next to me, Mag - 10 shovels. Am I so tired that I don't even realize Rain is getting up?


I asked Manang, and he said that the twins had left for the airport to pick up Moon.


Storm and Rain arrive at the airport to pick up their French brother Moon.


As soon as Moon came out, Rain ran to meet Moon and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.


"Brother Moon, welcome home. We haven't seen each other for a long time." Rain.


"You know Kuya is busy in France. Who's with you?" Moon.


"Ah, I'm with older brother Storm. We're the only two because those nephews are busy, and then Ica was there to accompany them to school first because she was afraid that her children might fight again." Rain.


The storm also approached, hugged, and kissed his cheek.


"Brother, how was the trip?" Storm.


"Ah, it's ok." Moon.


"How are you? That's more Rain?" Moon.


"It's okay, brother. Brother Leo is always beating me up." Rain complained.


"Ah ha ha ha ... You're probably going to be kicked because you're naughty eh, we're the only ones who don't like you, always even if brother Leo is like that don't be mad at him ha, he's the brother of brother Jun, and he also did take care of us when we were little, and brother Leo loves you dearly. "Moon.


"Of course he likes to tease, Tehehe." Rain.


They arrived at the Villa, and Ica immediately met him and kissed him on the cheek.


"Kuyaaaaaaaa ... Ica shouted.


"Oh princess, how are you. I'm sorry I followed you for so long, I finished as much as before." Moon.


"It's okay, brother, that's important here, let's go inside." Ica.


And the two little twins ran down the stairs.


"Oh oh oh, hey hey hey ... Take it easy and you might stumble and fall down the stairs," Moon said nervously to the two children running down to meet him.


"Titoooooooo ... The two of them at the same time and the two children also loaded.


"Oh, how are our dear prince and dear princess?" Moon.

Did anyone fight with our two nephews? Moon.


"Ah no, uncle, we are ok," replied the two.


"Oh, he came down, and when my uncle was able to get dressed so, we could have lunch together." Ica.


"Yes, go ahead, uncle so that we can eat together, grandpa and Tito Dad." Yes.


So Moon went up to her room to get dressed as well.




"Oh iho how are you there in France? Is it ok for your company to stay there?" Lolo.


"Of course, grandpa, so I also plan to open here and Ica to hold because I always go to France." Moon.


"Oh, that's a good idea, isn't it Ica, don't you want to work too?" Lolo.


"Ah yes, grandpa, because I don't want to be here at home anymore." Ica.


"Oh, he's fine, you two talk about that." Lolo.


"Hmmm." Ica / Moon.


"Moon, Leo, Storm, Rain. After we get here, you follow me, and I will tell you something.


The four agreed.

And they also finished having lunch. And at the same time entered the library.


And the two children also entered their rooms, and as usual, Ae used to draw again, and Yun was hacking.


Yun didn't stop until he lost to the person he was fighting the hacking.


A few weeks later. The two little twins are more adept at what they do, and while their mommy is away, they are always rehearsing with Storm and Rain.


And Yun faces again the person he can hardly beat, but it's his lucky day because he lost it for the first time.

So Yun was pleased. And he told this to Ae. And the two jumped for joy because even Ae got to know her Jewelry works better.

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