The nature of the 21st Century Learners

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  • Learners in the 21st century must not only include a focus on mastery of core subjects but the ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned inside the classroom to real life situations. If you look at above your responses, you will note that generally, 21st century learners share common characteristics which will enable them to function better as individuals in their society. The International Education Advisory Board (IEAB, 2008) listed eight attributes of millennials:

    1. They like to be in control of their learning by using preferred technology, telecommuting from anywhere in the world, and defining “balance” in their own individual ways.

    2. They like choice. Technology is used by millennials to complete tasks in new and creative ways. However, they also look for alternative methods to complete tasks to increase productivity.

    3. They are group-oriented and social. Millennials constantly network socially in different contexts. With the power of internet, they seek opportunities to identify with other individuals, collaborate with communities, and associate with peers around the world.

    4. They are inclusive. Millennials are tolerant to various races, religions, and sexual orientations. They seek information not limited to local libraries, instead they search for data online.

    5. They are practiced users of digital technology. Because of the access to ICT, they are expected to use and support their learning and perform more functions with mobile equipment. They also develop their own language through ICT and other Internet slang. They are able to express their opinions in ways other generations have just recently learned to use.

    6. They think differently. Millennials simply accept technology, adapt to it, and use it. How it works does not concern them.

    7. They are more likely to take risks. The widespread use of internet resulted when millennials shared a common mentality of perseverance. They are likely to take repeated and similar risks than older generations.

    8. They evaluate time off because they view life as uncertain. Since millennials are exposed to world events such as shooting massacres, terrorist attacks and other tragedies, they view life differently. They want their own time to be dictated according to their own terms.

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