The CCTV is Telling a Story

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3 years ago

He had all his important personal stuffs around him while he sat leaning on the thick concrete wall. His right hand slowly ran into his pocket and grabbed his phone, he stared again at it for the last time. A mixture of regrets and sorrow is vividly showing on his face as he gently stood and took a step on the chair in front of him. He lifted up his chin and encircled the thick blue nylon rope around his thin neck. He pulled the other end with all his might that made him got started to choke. With all the remaining energy in his body, he jumped as high as he can causing the chair to throw away from his body's displacement. For the next couple of minutes there was no single movement in that room except from the swaying hanged body with head bowed lowly and a long purple tongue drooping from his mouth.

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