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"Did you know about Josh Ellithorpe" a famous man in Bitcoin cash city!

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In another article devoted to noticeable figures within the Bitcoin Cash space, nowadays I chose the title of Josh Ellithorpe, a title that's not obscure within the community muchfor the good work he does helping in the infrastructure of the smartBCH DeFi ecosystem and also as a project creator like ReapersNFT on the side-chain. Not only does Josh participate in the Bitcoin Cash infrastructure but he also has a project on the Ethereum network that is already making big waves in the digital art space, Clementine NFT.Josh Ellithorpe, according to, is an open source lover who started working in the tech world in the mid nineties, he is an American native of Chicago, always chasing open source he launches his first project in 2001. Josh is a software engineer so he decided to venture into the world of technology in other parts of the North American territory and decided to settle in San Francisco, having worked in large and emerging technological corporations at the time, such as Facebook and Involve developing applications.At Coinbase, Josh Ellithorpe was a senior software developer, and according to an interview with news website conducted by Jamie Redman, he started working at the corporation in early 2017.

His entry into the crypto ecosystem

Josh joined the crypto ecosystem very early and in mid-2009 he had already read the Bitcoin whitepaper and that was like opening a Pandora box because, he said to himself - “This is going to be the next big thing” but at that time he did not venture into the world of cryptocurrencies as it was just an intellectual curiosity for him and for an open source lover it was to be expected.He oppose this idea with the guide since for Josh Bitcoin should scale and as it were at that point can it have sufficient assets to have, to begin with a client base that may later expand into the commerce world and after that into a information circle. Josh likes Bitcoin Cash for its value and never stressed almost seeing money pick up more acquiring control or go to the moon, his inspiration and motivation came from Bitcoin Cash being advanced cash that may effectively be utilized, where there's no stress in expenses, availability or indeed speed'Within the Bitcoin Cash community we have a parcel of powerful individuals, individuals who genuinely accept in decentralized computerized cash, Josh is one of them, but we have numerous, a few that go unnoticed and others indeed more dynamic and participatory. It is these figures that we have to be immortalize and put them on a merited platform, the community is additionally made of acknowledgment for the accomplishments they have achieved. There are builders, sharing mindfulness, onboarding individuals, educating almost Bitcoin Cash etc, all of them having a incredible portion to the victory of the environment.truly trust that Josh Ellithorpe as well as other unmistakable figures and names on the community can still share mindfulness around Bitcoin Cash, and individuals like us computerized scholars will commit a space so that their commitment isn't overlooked within the community. Here are a few contacts where you'll discover Josh

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