YouTube DELETES CoinDesk's Entire Channel

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2 years ago

My take on YouTube deleting CoinDesk's entire YouTube channel, in the latest Cryptobeat newsletter!

- Coinbase is Bringing The Entire Ecosystem Into a Brave New World    
- US Treasury Secretary Calls Bitcoin “Extremely Inefficient”
- Traditional finance Briefly Crashes
- Tether, Bitfinex Reach Settlement With New York AG
- Cryptocurrency Has Become Elon’s World
- Beeple NFT Sells for $6.6 Million in ETH

By C. Edward Kelso and Naomi Brockwell


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I mean you guys are streaming on theta 😀

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2 years ago

What the actual f! Good thing they started streaming on Theta recently.

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2 years ago

they are?

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2 years ago

I may have got that wrong. I thought they were. No?

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2 years ago