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ISPs Share "Netflow" Data & Trace Traffic Through VPNs

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1 month ago

VICE has a great article explaining how internet service providers quietly share detailed information about network traffic. It's called "netflow data" and they can even trace traffic through VPNs.

But the scary part is how many people that data is then shared with.

We dive into the details.

00:00 Intro

01:45 ISPs and Netflow Data

05:47 What is netflow data?

08:22 What is done with YOUR Data?

15:29 "We don't give away all your data... we promise"

20:49 Palo Alto Networks has access to 80% of Global Flows

22:37 Not all ISPs are guilty

26:32 Senator Wyden’s Pushback

28:05 Snowden Revelations

29:00 Stay Vigilant!

31:08 Outro

Article from VICE:

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Written by   139
1 month ago
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