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Hong Kong Freedom Destroyed with New Security Law

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11 months ago

This week China passed a controversial security law for Hong Kong. It's a chilling tool that suppresses political dissent, and may well destroy this international center of trade and what has been China’s freest city.

It is now illegal to wave pro-independence flags, have pro-democracy stickers, or voice your dislike of the Chinese government. Those who do face prison, and possible internment in labor camps or forced rehabilitation programs.

The introduction of the security law effectively ends “one country, two systems” 27 years early, and breaks the terms of the agreement Britain and China made about handing over Hong Kong.

The UK responded that they will offer a path to citizenship for HK people, and many other countries are considering the same.

This video discusses Hong Kong's complicated history with Britain and China, and the significance of the current protests.

The human rights abuses of China are well documented, and losing a bastion of freedom like Hong Kong to their system is devastating. China now has assimilated the city into the mainland.

There are dark days ahead for HK, and it’s tragic to see the light in one of the world’s most vibrant cities be dimmed. But the value of Hong Kong isn't in the roads, or the buildings -- it's in the people. So now the world needs to open their door and let them in.

Huge thank you to the people of Hong Kong who are fighting for their freedom.

Thank you to Cliff for the use of your footage.

Thank you to Jeremy Kauffman of LBRY for his inspiring words

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Written by   92
11 months ago
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damn! definitely makes me appreciate what freedoms I have and what I would do to protect them..

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11 months ago

agreed :(

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10 months ago