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BCH: history, and recent split

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2 days ago

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born in August of 2017 as a fork of BTC.

Paul Puey (Edge CEO) and I explain its history, how it differs from other P2P cash implementations, and the controversy surrounding its recent upgrade this month that split the coin.

We also put our money where our mouths are: we each decide whether to invest $100. This is not investment advice, we're just giving you a peek into our own portfolios and how we make decisions for ourselves. Keep in mind, I'm more interested in the team, the tech, and whether it's a cool project than in short term gains.

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Excellently balanced show, loved it.
Perhaps someday
all the alternative schemes for funding development work might present themselves.
Flipstarter is often regarded as one such model but it falls a bit short.
One thing no one seems to recognize is that BCH
already has a builtin infrastructure ready to help fund developers if they would merely use it.
No other coin has it.
BCH has it already bolted in place and ready to use.

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1 day ago