Igorot being discriminated...

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2 years ago

Igorots are people who are living in the highlands of the North specifically in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines.

Lately, there are modules of students written by whoever the authors are, using the Igorot people as an example in a discriminative way. Because of how they look. Seriously, are these authors really know how an Igorot looks like? Have they not been to Baguio City, to Banaue Rice Terraces, Sagada, and other attractive sites in the North? Are people there look different? My god! We are now in the 21st century yet your minds are still blinded during the BC's.

People in the Cordillera are also like you. We have the same features. Cordillerans competes in different fields. If you are familiar with One Championship, I believe you know Team Lakay. Do you see different in them? They are warriors, competetive,and the same at what you see your physical stature.

There are many more Cordillerans who exelled in their different fields of expertise. Name what you know, Igorot is one of them. They are educated people, they know how to respect. Others are working abroad, in big companies locally and abroad.

So don't just dare to discrimate a person when you do not have any idea about who he is. He/she might be better than you.

Better yet, you should try to research first before you write anything about anyone else.

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