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An impact: creative art

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10 months ago

My first article in this community.

I would like to share a photo painted by my niece using acrylic paint.

It has been months since we are facing this pandemic thus putting us quarantined. At first, it was hard to adjust specially for the kids who used to play at the play park every morning and afternoon during weekends or after school. They got bored because there are no new shows to watch, replay cartoons shown everyday.

However, as the days go by, they were able try to adjust and diverts themselves into something they can learn from. They tried to play the games we used to before when we were kids like luksong-baka, Chinese garter, 10-20, etc. But one of the most amazing was they learn to create and put into practice just the photo I took. One of my niece discovered her skill in painting and was able to produce different subjects.

Moreover, being on quarantine became a new normal and a productive one as we discover more of our attitudes, differences, skills and talents. It now become a looking-forward everyday to what is new.

For now, we are looking forward and praying that this pandemic ends so everything goes back to normal, those devastated become healthy, and workers will go back to work to sustain our economy.

We heal as one, we become stronger, we become steadfast.

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