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Poverty is not an obstacle to reach your dream!

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4 months ago
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Hello readers I don't know how to start hehe. But that's how I grew up with my grandmother when I was 6 years old when my parents left me with my grandmother, the one who taught me was my aunt, the youngest sister of my mother spends all my needs from grade 1 until I go to high school but my parents also help when there are needs at school. So I am very thankful to my aunt and my parents for helping me get through.

There are so many things to go through, sadness, joy, hardship and comfort.

Highschool Graduation

Lead image: Pixabay

Year 2001 when I graduated from high school my aunt decided to take me to Manila so that I could be there with an aunt to be with them at home but there was no plan if  i study in collage or not after 2 years of living with my aunt one of our relative name Melody took me to work first as a maid and I was surprised because our boss was Lucio Tan I experienced hardship and fatigue at the age of 18 that I should be in college but no choice need to work first to help my own family.

I took 6 months being a maid and said goodbye because I want to study even though I didn't know where and how because we didn't have enough money for the tuition fee. But the Lord is really Good because my cousin Ate Melody helped me get into the Monark Foundation Technical Institute because they accept female students for the Automotive course even this is for men's work but I didn't think twice I just wanted to enter college even if only a Vocational.

My prayer was that I would be able to pass and enter that School even though the course is for men and I am thankful and I am one of those who passed. Part of their course required us to ojt with a car company. And I'm thankful again and a casa in Makati was built by the four of us. We were assigned to the Maintenance department and there we applied what we had learned more on electrical our work and at the same time we also learned to drive.

I have no choice because of the hardships of life, the course you want was not fulfilled, but women like us who work as mechanics are more impressed, they say that women work more politely.

My first Job

July 2007 when I and my friends decided to apply to the bus company in victory liner located at Caloocan city. I was thankful again and I was accepted as a job order my job description is to take all bus repair and check all the material I just took 2years and moved to another job.

Second Job

April 2009 when I applied as an encoder to a Chinese company in Balingasa Quezon city I was very thankful again and I was accepted even though my education was automotive. I also need to study carefully everything they teach me well I can also pick up quickly. Here I spent 7 years in the company, kind bosses and co -workers. I was resign year 2015 to take a Another Journey of my life.

So no matter how hard life is, the Lord will send you something to be the way for you to reach your dreams. And poverty is not an obstacle to not reaching the dream as long as we just pray and he will surely listen to us.

Now living happily with my family in Baguio city

Thank you very much for your reading!

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Written by   2
4 months ago
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