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Project Blue Book My Official Study

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The government project known as Project Blue Book was the United States Air Force's official study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) conducted from 1952 to 1969.

It remains one of the most popular, and controversial, subjects in all of ufology. Project Blue Book had two goals:

  • firstly, to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security;

  • secondly to scientifically analyze UFO-related data for use by other research projects.

The goal was not just scientific analysis but also statistical analysis that could be used by others conducting other studies on UFOs. For example, did eyewitnesses' accounts vary depending upon where they lived? Did reports come more frequently from people with above-average intelligence?

Project Blue Book was based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The project began in 1947, the year after the Roswell UFO incident, when a report on UFOs was requested by Major General Charles Cabell of the USAAF Air Materiel Command at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. In response to this request Majestic 12 (MJ-12) was set up under order of President Truman.

MJ-12 is a group consisting initially of a small number of scientists from the Manhattan atomic bomb research projects and for security purposes, their study was scientific reconnaissance. Their studies involved trying to understand how UFOs worked and what could be learned from them if they were recovered.

Their final conclusion stated that it might not ever be possible to learn the physics of UFOs. With that in mind, it was determined that the UFO problem should be studied by psychologists, sociologists and engineers to determine future actions.

This decision is what created Project Blue Book. The Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright-Patterson AFB was established on 29 January 1948 for the purpose of collecting, evaluating, correlating, and disseminating air technical intelligence, including UFO reports.

It was made responsible for coordinating all scientific aspects of projects within the United States Air Force establishment dealing with Unidentified Flying Objects. Initially, Project Sign and then Project Grudge were the official US Air Force UFO projects.

The name Blue Book came from a request that West Virginia University makes for funds. They wanted to use their blue books (student answer sheets) in making their report to ATIC. This was granted and so the name of Project Blue Book became official.

With this, on 14 December 1949, four years after Roswell had happened, Project Sign tested out its new office at the Wright-Patterson AFB complex in Dayton, Ohio in secret.

Project Sign began compiling its reports in earnest in January 1950 when they received numerous project requests from other government agencies. The aim continued to be a scientific investigation but it would take them six months before they could start publishing their scientific reports. This was because they simply did not have the manpower until then.

The project is considered to be a success as they were able to rule out a large majority of sightings as hoaxes or explainable events. It has been said that around 95% of all UFO cases could have been explained this way but it must be noted that some say this number is much lower, perhaps as low as 3%.

In those days only 1-2% were unexplained and as late as 1963 they didn't say the actual number of unknowns so many people assumed it was zero even though the Air Force knew otherwise at the time. Some would dismiss every case that had an explanation even though some explanations could later turn out to be witnessed misidentifications of what was then classified as secret aircraft, natural phenomena, or even hoaxes that had nothing to do with UFOs.

Many UFO allegations were left unresolved simply because the Air Force did not have clear enough cases at the time. The only thing they could say about some sightings is that it was unidentified and they would file it away for later reference if something similar occurred again.

There are still many unexplained cases in Project Blue Book's records today but many UFO researchers believe these unsolved cases are being swept under the rug. The files were all declassified between 1958-1963 but there are about 13,000 pages which remain missing or destroyed.

One notable example of this kind of case occurred on November 5th, 1950 over San Pablo Bay near San Francisco. The pilot and the crew of a B-29 saw four unusual objects flying at tremendous speeds. One of these was witnessed for an hour by about 15 people including several military personnel.

The Air Force never publicly released this case as it is still unsolved, but there are a few documents that refer to this particular sighting inside Project Blue Book's declassified files which you can find on

This brings us to another problem with Project Blue Book's investigations: they mostly relied upon voluntary reports from civilians, police officers, and other local authorities. Most military personnel didn't want to bother with reporting something stupid like a UFO so their reports were not considered reliable. In fact, only 30%-50% of all UFO cases were reported by trained observers.

First Report From Project Sign

The first scientific report from Project Sign came in January 1950 and was based on a study of 116 UFO reports. They concluded that a large majority were either stars, clouds, balloons or aircraft. Of the remaining 30 cases they said most were hoaxes or had some known answer. In fact, they thought most sightings could have been solved if there were better witnesses.

This is often referred to as the poor observer problem which means that many reported UFOs are just misidentified known objects because people don't know how to identify what is really going on in the sky very well at night. People make mistakes especially when they can only see an object for a short time and it may be obscured by trees, weather conditions, etc... Of those remaining cases, about a third had some type of official military response.

Most were described as being a low-priority case, and none of the cases were ever deemed to be UFOs. One case from Project Blue Book involves a couple who claimed that they saw an extremely bright object that was moving very fast on the horizon. The object did not move at all, it was only a stationary star and these people mistook it for a UFO.

UFOs and the Military Today

image from Pixabay

Many people have written a lot of books and articles about UFOs, and it's hard to talk about them without sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist. There is no government policy that requires the military to keep a list of UFOs that are unidentified and no credible evidence has ever been found that proves that they exist.

Some people have suggested that these UFOs have the capabilities of interplanetary travel, which requires us to believe that these unidentified objects don't have the same limitations that we do and can do things that we have never seen in our lifetimes.

So, the truth is that there are quite a few unknown objects in our skies, but we know what they look like and that makes them easier to identify, especially in the age of technology and high-resolution imagery. It seems that some of these UFOs are most likely drones or other craft that have not been approved for military use. In fact, the Russian military has been building and conducting tests to see if they can use these unknown aircraft in battle. You can watch the video of these tests here.

This video shows that it is possible to see an object moving at incredible speeds in the sky, and it would make sense for Russia to test it out since they have been looking to replace their outdated helicopter fleet with newer models.

What's even more interesting about this is that the video doesn't show any sort of landing gear or wings. I know we tend to see photos of these UFOs as looking more like this, but it seems the Russians are looking to develop some kind of drone that can get into high-speed speeds while flying and not actually touch down on the ground. What do you think about all of this? and are we living in an extraterrestrial conspiracy? Please let me know your thoughts as I would like to read them

Thanks for Reading... Cheers!!!

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Written by   86
1 month ago
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I believe that extraterrestrial life exists. That they could even be more advanced than us. The universe is immense, we do not know everything around us, although we pretend that yes, that we are superior, we are not. Maybe at some point we realize that we are part of an experiment of a race superior to ours or maybe not, but I assure you that we do not pretend to be the only ones living in this universe.

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