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2 years ago

I know I've been posting and I haven't gotten any upvotes for a while. But this won't discourage me. I know that eventually, one day some of my articles will get a lot of attention and have a lot of upvotes! That's why it's important to keep on writing because you never know what may happen.

This is why I will never stop writing if I don't upvote on my post. Who knows what will happen in the future maybe one day, one of my blog posts might go viral!.

And it's important to keep on going because you'll never know when a huge opportunity might come along and nobody would be ready for it if they didn't have anything prepared. You may not get anything now, but that doesn't mean you'll never get anything in the future.

I didn't want to get in the habit of writing and publishing articles on this platform just for upvotes and make it seem like, that is all this platform all was about. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to continue to write my content ( New post coming; why you should never stop writing - be sure to check it out once am done ). I know it's easy to get discouraged if you feel like nobody likes your posts because sometimes they don't.

My Advice To the No Upvoters Writer On This Platform

But when you feel that way, that's when you should continue to write. If you give up when nobody's looking, that's when you'll feel like you wasted your time. Don't worry about that and don't get discouraged! I'm sure you can think of a million different ways you can reach your audience.

You can be creative and write about other things on this platform. For me I will keep writing because I know there are people out there who would like to read my posts. But I want to make sure that if they do read them, they will benefit from it. As I stated earlier, it's not always about what people say.

You may not get any upvotes and comments or and even some people might downvote your post. But that's okay, you write a good article. Nobody's going to read your shit of that crap, so why give yourself such a headache? Just enjoy the moments you're having. I also want to encourage you to try something new or different.

Why not talk about writing something that's never been talked about before? Why not write about topics that nobody has really written about?

Even though you are writing about a specific topic, I still think that you can talk about other things in your articles. You don't have to write articles and only post about one thing. Don't be afraid to write about a different topic and you never know what can come out of it. It just might work out for you. Now, I have some advice. I know writing is really hard but keep going and don't give up.

After you have some posts that are already started, it's much easier to finish them. Do some research and find some stories that really caught your eye and try to write about them.

My Verdict

I have been told that I am a pretty popular author on social media. That doesn't mean that other people think the same way that I do, and it doesn't mean that they think that all of my opinions are right. You don't need a ton of followers, but you do need to find a few to follow; take them as a real model and follow their path.

In short: if you are on this platform solely because of $ upvotes then am sorry to say you don't belong here.

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2 years ago


I love your attitude! Leon Gambetta said: "The great recipe for success is to work, and always work." Don't stop my friend, you are just 3 feet from gold!!!

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2 years ago