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How to Overcome Addiction: The Ultimate Guide

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If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may be wondering how to recover. There is no magical cure. I can’t point to one thing and say “that will help you.”

We can try to abstain or avoid substances or behaviors to support our recovery, but we can never expect to be drug- or alcohol-free forever.

There is only one way to overcome addiction: willpower. It sounds simple, but willpower is a limited resource. Just as we can’t use up our willpower in one day, we can’t use it for years without losing it. As the old saying goes: Man has no natural right to self-rule over his own body.

What is Addiction?

From what I’ve experienced, I’d say addiction is the experience of a certain habit being turned into a compulsion that involves many daily activities and makes life a living hell.

A person can become addicted to anything, and addiction happens in many different ways. Some of the most common forms of addiction are Antisocial, pathological gambling, Drug addiction, Sexual addiction, and more. Just because you experience addiction doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become addicted.

There are many different kinds of addiction, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll describe the 2 main types of Addiction.

Types of addiction

Chemical addiction

Not all addictions are the result of a bad lifestyle or bad decisions. Some addictions involve strong cravings that get people into trouble. Chemical addictions are very common, including painkillers, alcohol, and tobacco. In fact, for many people, their drug of choice is more likely to be a pharmaceutical drug than a street drug. In many cases, prescription drugs, even if they are prescribed to you, are habit-forming and addictive. We’re also beginning to understand that when the brain has an addiction, it is trying to achieve the same sorts of chemical rewards that it experiences when you’re physically hungry or thirsty.

Behavioral addiction

People can become addicted to a whole range of things. These include gambling, food, sex, shopping, exercise, and more. Many forms of behavioral addiction are treated the same way as substance addictions. While behavioral addictions can have some of the same effects on a person’s life as substance addictions, they usually don’t have the same physical consequences. That’s because behavioral addictions are different. Behaviorally addictive people don’t want to stop doing the things they’re addicted to because they enjoy them.

Before you can overcome addition you need to find the source.

Why Do People Get Addicted?

Addiction is a complex thing. A lot of the trouble starts from a bad day, a bad night, or a bad day followed by another bad night. People begin to rely on their addictions to feel better.

The worst part is that the struggle is so insidious that it’s hard to see. You’re not really aware that you’re going through the worst emotional hell of your life. I was just a teenager when I first started using drugs. I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought my drug use was harmless because I was an athlete, and I didn’t use it heavily.

Even though my peers were getting into it, I thought it was the most natural thing in the world. I used it recreationally, At least I thought it I was. But it ended up almost ending my career.

What are the Effects of Addiction?

The effects of addiction can range from mild to severe. A person can get incredibly sick and even die from it.

From the moment you start using drugs, you will be affected by withdrawal symptoms that may include: sleeping problems, nausea vomiting exhaustion numbness, and tingling of the tongue, lips, throat, and limbs. And if you continue using it the effect will be more severe.

Why Recovery is Difficult

There are lots of reasons why addiction is difficult to overcome, even if you have the will and resolve. Here are some of the reasons why: Addiction is a Disease.

If you’re addicted to drugs, you’re not thinking rationally. You may even be aware of it, but still to an extent you may not realize how deep the problem is. Addiction can be easily mistaken for a psychological problem – such as depression or anxiety. But recovery from addiction is a physical process.

Addiction is a chronic illness. It’s not an illness that just happens to you, but rather a physical condition that is out of your control. Many drugs are designed to be addictive, So stop blaming yourself because you are not at fault.

How to Recover

Although addiction is a tough problem and may be difficult to break, we can learn to live a sober lifestyle. I have listed 5 steps to follow to regain control over our body.


  2. Step 2: FIND SUPPORT



  5. Step 5: Change your life & Change your mindset

  6. Step 6: AVOID RELAPSE

If you think you are in a situation where you will need to talk to someone then visit drug abuse and give them a call.

My Verdict

There is no magic pill or secret tea to overcome addiction. The only way to overcome addiction is willpower and a committed mind. So all I can say to you is to make an effort since addictions a disease and will stop at nothing to bring you down and embarrass you.

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Written by   131
4 months ago
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Yes you are right. One should admit that he has a problem in order for him to move forward and recover. I have known no one who is addicted to drugs but mostly addicted to gambling.

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4 months ago