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Some basic facts about Mars:

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  • Some basic facts about Mars:

Mars, English name Mars. Mars is said to have been named after the Roman god of war, Mars, whose Greek name is Ares The God of War.

The question may be, what is the reason for such a strange naming? Where is the relationship of the planet with the god of war? This naming is mainly due to the color of Mars. The color of Mars is unusually red. Because of the red color, the Romans named Mars after the bloody environment of the battlefield.

Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. It is also called a terrestrial planet because it bears some resemblance to Earth. This planet also has Earth-like crust. The earth's crust contains mountains, valleys, volcanoes, deserts, and polar ice. And there is a very weak atmosphere. Like Earth, Mars has a magnetic field. Moreover, the rotation of Mars and the change of seasons are very similar to Earth.

Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system. In terms of radius, this planet is about half the size of Earth. However, due to the presence of water in 80 percent of the earth's crust, their land area is almost equal.

According to calculations, Mars orbits the sun once in 7 days. Like the Earth, Mars also has a variety of seasons. But a season of Mars lasts twice as long as Earth.

The largest mountain in the solar system has been found on Mars. The mountain is called Olympus Mons. The height is 26 km which is more than three times higher than the highest mountains in the world like Mount Everest, Mauna Kea.

Mars has two moons (satellites). Phobos and Deimos. These two satellites are named after the two sons of the Greek war god Eris. The two satellites were discovered by American astronomer Asaf Hall in 18.

Both satellites are very close to the surface of Mars. Phobos orbits Mars at an average radius of 11 km and only 6,000 km from the surface of Mars. Deimos has an average radius of 6.2 km and orbits Mars at a distance of 23,460 km from the surface.


The amount of gravitational force on the surface of Mars is about 1 third of that of Earth. In other words, if the weight of someone on earth is 100 kg, it will stand at 36 kg on Mars. Another interesting thing is that even by applying the same amount of force, Mars can be jumped at least 3 times higher than Earth.


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