EVE-TEASING and Our humility

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Published date:03, October, 2021, Sunday
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Eve-teasing is a euphemism used for public sexual harassment or molestation of women by men,with use of the word"Eve" being a reference to the public Eve,who many consider the first woman. Recently Eve-teasing has been growing like an epidemic throughout the country. The term is now very common to the younger generations. It means "to excite girls with unpleasant questions, annoyance,and irritation, ambling limbs and by creating blockade on the way without showing any courtesy. " This immoral activity is unfortunately on the increase in our country. Eve-teasing is a threat that has grown to alarming proportions. Not many cities in Bangladesh are considered safe for women. Though, we are one of the fastest growing countries in the world we have not ensured the safety of working women and students. Eve-teasing is a huge issue in many metropolitan cities of Bangladesh.

Causes of Eve-teasing

There are many causes of eve-teasing. Some are discussed bellow. Let's have a look on the causes of this unwanted activity.

First cause or great cause 

1.The first cause of eve-teasing comes from the natural tendency of man and women to attract each other when they openly see each other at the stage of puberty. Sometimes male cannot control himself and he indulges with eve-teasing.

Several causes 
  1. Open sky culture, satellite communication, internet etc. are the several causes and great extent responsible for eve-teasing. People see free sex,free mixing of men and women via various television programmes, internet etc.and they try to do same things which caused eve-teasing. Obscene cinema and drama sometimes encourage eve-teasing. If a boy finds in cinema or drama an eve teaser a hero,then he is encouraged to involve with eve-teasing. Computers and mobiles have become mobile cinema house with free call,free talk time, free SMS. Without showing his identify a man can make friendship with opposite sex,and this kind of friendship causes a lot eve-teasing.

  • 3.Absence of Law is a great factor

  • 4.There are some Laws to prevent eve-teasing but they are not enough and the implementation of these laws is difficult due to procedural complexity, political influence.

5.Uninterrupted alcoholism and drug addiction is a great cause of eve-teasing. When a man devours intoxicating materials, he loses his conscience and that time he can do any baf things like eve-teasing.

6.Unemployed people are evil doers and engaged in eve-teasing. When a man has no work to do he becomes a devil and only for spending his time he does eve-teasing.

Solution for stoping Eve-teasing

1.To stop eve-teasing education system must be premeditated at younger age.

2.Parents role is very important. They should keep their children from bad influences. Parents must educate their children 'what to' or 'what not to' watch. They should adopt friendly relations with their children rather than being harsh with them.

3.Teachers must play their role to repeat the opposite sex,as morality demands it, adding that they shouldn’t be unaware to the fact that they have families too.

4.The parents should put utmost trust in their daughters, for this trust will give them the confidence to face the eve teasers bravely and not to be frightened by them.

5.Overall the most important is the consciousness of the women themselves. They should protest strongly against such boys otherwise nobody can do anything against such eve teasers.

Eve-teasing must be stopped. Women deserve respect. Men and women are equal. Our lack of consciousness has led to a loss of many lives.But we didn’t want any more to say goodbye this world. Women have the right to live freely in the world. Independence is their birth right. They have the right to lead their lives as males. The family and society should support them mentally. So as the govt. must take things seriously. The country wants both of them to be active in such issue.

Thank You for reading my article.

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Harrasment should be illegal and government should take strictly resoponse to this

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1 year ago

Any types of harassment is not tolerable. This types of deeds out balanced our society. Teasing woman and harassing them is a crime.

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1 year ago

So are you a feminist? I ask because you do not contrast this with Adam-teasing. That also occurs. But all in all, more laws will not work. No country or government can enact morality. Never has, never will.

All people deserve respect, thus your article is short-sighted. Any argument proffered must include a counterargument or it falls short, as you have.

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1 year ago

This is my first time hearing, or should I say knowing the word eve-teasing, and what it means though I already experienced it. Thanks for the new learning.

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1 year ago