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How to make a garden

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2 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum.Hlw everyone..How are you all.?I'm fine by the grace of Allah.Today i will share how to make a me

My younger sister is very intrested in gardening but he don't know how to make a garden.He want my help and that's why i suggested him how to do this.First he is to select a suitable piece of land preferably in front of the house. Then she is to spade, loose and level the soil.

Next he will fence that nothing can damage it.Finally he should work in the garden in the morning and evening daily.

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Wa Alaikumus salam. Not fine at all.. Wow amaizing work.gardening is good hobby and for that the gardener feel happy and mind also would be fresh.
Hey, your sister want that, she is female so you have to say she not he 😁😁 Its your mistake dear..

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2 years ago

tnx for advising

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2 years ago