About a Bangladeshi snake kalaz and Shankhamuthi.

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Kalaj and Shankhamuthi


Kalaj, whose English name is Common Crate. Extremely poisonous. Kalaj, attracted by people's sweat, gives chobal in the middle of the night. The terrible thing about these snakes is that they get up in bed and bark. Their scars are almost non-existent, there is no pain, neck pain in the morning, lower abdominal pain, weakness, heavy sleepiness in the eyes. Death is certain if not taken to hospital quickly. Fanless snake. Domna Chiti in the village language.

Kalaj contains highly neurotoxin toxins. Which, when chobal gives people first numb. The teeth are very thin.

The enemy of the Kalaj snake is the conch snake. Not only Kalaj, but also Russell Viper or Chandrabora is the enemy of Shankhamuthi. Because, these two snakes are the favorite food of the conch. The conch, whose English name is Bandet Crate. Shellfish are also highly neurotoxin venomous, but extremely quiet snakes. It never hurts people.

As the conch snakes become extinct from nature, the attack of kalaj is increasing.

Now is the hot season, so it is the season for snake bites. So, in hot weather, you must sleep under a mosquito net, spray carbolic acid, and clean the jungle next to the house. People in Rajshahi and Faridpur should be more careful.

And of course don't kill snakes, snakes do a lot of good to our environment.

And of course, if you are bitten by a snake, forget about Oza and go to the nearest hospital.

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