Childhood Eid

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Assalamu aalaikum

I'm @Nadia . I hope you all are well by the grace of almightly allah. Today i will tell you about the celebration of eid of my childhood.

Then Eid would be in winter.Winter is the time to travel. We used to go to the village house to celebrate eid because my grand parents live in the village. First of all, Eid means fasting and putting on new dress. My brother and i used to compete for fasting. We both wanted to fast more than each other.

A few day before these we were preparing to go to the village. Bags were packed at night. I used to put new clothes in the bag beforehand so that no one could see because at that time i thought that if anyone saw Their clothes, they would become old.😂

We had to go to our village by river. Which is why we would launch and go to there. Our launch would leave very early in the morning due to which we would leave after eating sehri. Launch travel is very interesting subject. Houdreds of boats, streamers and trawlers crossed the river, launching our launches. Some of the delicious foods af the launch were my favourite, such as jhalmuri, chira - coconut etc. We would finish our river journey at about 12 o'clock. Then i would go home by auto -rickshaw from there. And on the way, the fragrance of the village soil would fill the whole mind.

Then when i went home my grandparents would be very happy to see us. Grandma used to cook delicious food for us with her own hand. Then, fresh, we all ate lunch together.

This is about our journey. Now come to their happy moment. After the last ramadan ifter, everyone would go to the yard to see the moon. It is very beautiful to see their moon. As moon as the moon rose, the lord of the mosque would say "Eid Mubarak" and "Eid Mubarak ". At that time, all the girls and children of the house used to attend the mehedi festival.

Everybody used to wake up early in the morning. Mom and grandma were busy cooking delicious semai, noodles,biriyani. And grandfathe, father, and brother used to take a bath in the morning and wear their new punjabi and get ready for their prayers. Then after finishing cooking, my mother would decorate me with new cloths. It was a great preasure for me then.

But the most important things are edi. Everyone used to take to edi before going to prayers. my bad would be full of money. Then after the prayers my father would take me to visit my relatives. Everyone there would be happy to see me and the elders would give edi. This was their special feelings.

Now i remember these things very well. Now the bustle of the city seems to have taken away the joys of life.

All will be well. I'm new here. I hope you all support me to give nice article. And subscribe me.

Stay home, stay safe.

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