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A responsible father and his pastime

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6 months ago

Responsible-Able to define between right and wrong and to understand and act rationally, and hence obliged for one's manner.

Having a commitment to do something, or having control over or look after someone, as part of one's job or role.

Men were created to be responsible for their families, they must be the ones who should provide for the needs of their loved ones. They must see to it that their children eat three times a day and have proper shelter and clothes and can able to send their children to school, or should I say they can provide them a good education.

A man should be responsible for any kind of happiness that their children needs. Must protect his children in any cause and know how to discipline them in a proper way.

A father must possess a good example of his family, love his wife faithfully, work well for the family and not for his vices, Come home after works and not in the club, told everything to his wife what or what ever it would be. He must again be willing to take the advice of his partner and will accept her help and support even if his partner got a more decent job than him. Should not be full of ego for the peaceful living. Can understand the situation and can handle properly the problems with a wide openly sense.

He's a father of two little boys, he provides their necessities like; milk and diapers, also clothes and toys. He does dirty works, (not dirty as you think hehe) he's a mechanic, he repairs damaged vehicles. He doesn't like to take pictures because he is dirty but I told him it's okay as long as it's a decent job. He is a responsible man. (Wag maingay Baka lumaki ulo hihi)

He is not handsome but has a kind-hearted man. He loves his children so much that he cannot go to sleep if his children are not beside him.

After his works, he loves to play with his boys even his tired, it's like they are his stress reliever after that he also does the washing of their Babyron but aside from that, he has the most like habit when his children are asleep.

His joystick gamepad controller 🎮, every time he has free time his face is always at that thing. He plays God of War and everything. That is his past time. I understand him because he is dedicated to his work too. Every time I don't have time for him because of overtime work, he's always beside me and playing his game.

Pastime-an an action that someone does regularly for enjoyment rather than work; a hobby, an entertainment.

Now that his phone is not compatible with his joystick, he keeps on begging me to buy him a new one but as a mother who is the budget officers and controls everything, I always reminded him of our priorities, and also Christmas and New year is approaching there are lots of stuff to buy, I ask him to set aside his wants and he understands it.

Closing thoughts

God gives us a partner that we can rely on we should appreciate their good behaviors and sometimes award them for doing their best to our family because not all of us are gifted with such great husbands/partners. We should treasure the moments that we were together because we don't know how far this will be.

I hope and I pray always that my partner wouldn't be changed and continue his good deeds and behavioral act.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you to my wonderful sponsors @Bloghound and @MizLhaine your one of my inspirations here and ms @Eybyoung thanks for inviting me😘

Ps. Own picture used.

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Written by   89
6 months ago
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Fatherly love❤️ Having an understanding and caring patner is a huge blessing, he/she puts his/her family first always. I'm glad you have such an amazing man

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6 months ago

Glad you are enjoying here 🤗

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6 months ago